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Nearly one million 200 thousand people are victims of human trafficking in Mexico, making the... ReadLeer
/ Human Trafficking

Mexico 5th Worst In Latin America For Human Trafficking

The police chief of Meoqui, a small town in central Chihuahua, was killed on Monday by armed men... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Female Police Chief Killed in Chihuahua

InSight Crime maps where Mexican authorities have found mass graves in Mexico since the beginning... ReadLeer
/ Infographics

InSight Map: Mass Graves in Mexico

According to Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos, 240 police have been killed in the line of... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Dramatic Rise in Police Deaths in Colombia

Mexican authorities have found at least 18 bodies in a mass grave in the state of... ReadLeer
/ Juarez Cartel

Mass Grave Found in Chihuahua

Angel de Jesus Pacheco Chanci, alias "Sebastian," is generally recognized as being responsible for... ReadLeer
/ Colombia Personalities

Angel de Jesus Pacheco Chanci, alias ‘Sebastian’

A member of Colombia’s AUC, Rafael Alvarez Piñeda, alias "Chepe," demobilized in 2006, going on... ReadLeer
/ Colombia Personalities

Rafael Alvarez Piñeda, alias ‘Chepe’

A former fighter in the paramilitary United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC),... ReadLeer
/ Colombia Personalities

Cesar Augusto Torres Lujan, alias ‘Mono Vides’

Dairo Antonio Úsuga, alias “Otoniel,” is the head of Colombia’s most powerful criminal... ReadLeer
/ Colombia Mafia

Dairo Antonio Úsuga, alias ‘Otoniel’

Juan de Dios Usuga, alias "Giovanni," headed the Urabeños' military wing while the group was... ReadLeer
/ Colombia Personalities

Juan de Dios Úsuga, alias ‘Giovanni’

The Urabeños, also known as the Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces, are one of the most ambitious,... ReadLeer
/ Urabeños


A report in the Mexican daily El Informador details the plight of Central American migrants on... ReadLeer
/ Human Smuggling

‘Coyotes’ Feed on Migrant Workers