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A chart (pdf) released by Colombian Police identifies the remaining levels of the drug-smuggling... ReadLeer
/ Caracho

ERPAC Hierarchy Points to No Clear Successor

This video from the Colombian National Police shows operation codenamed "Diamond," which was... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Police Operation Against Cuchillo

The year 2010 saw a series of major successes in the governments' attempts to fight organized... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

2010 Trends and Stories About Organized Crime in the Americas

Authorities have seized 6.4 tons of drugs in Colombia's Pacific port of Buenaventura, the largest... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

6 Tons of Cocaine Seized in Buenaventura, Colombia

With the death of Pedro Guerrero Castillo, alias "Cuchillo," and the arrest of his number two,... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Who Will Take Over the ERPAC without ‘Cuchillo’?

Colombia's Police say they have killed one of Colombia’s top drug traffickers, Pedro Guerrero... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombian Police: ‘Cuchillo’ is Dead

It's appropriate that Alta Verapaz, the province where the Guatemalan government has decided to... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

The Battle for Guatemala’s Heart Has Begun

The following is a message allegedly from the Zetas criminal organization, played by the local... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

Message from Zetas to Guatemala’s President

One of the most closely watched battles of 2010 was between the Zetas criminal syndicate and their... ReadLeer
/ El Coss

WikiLeaks: A Gulf Cartel Attack; a Zetas’ Retreat

Colombia's prison authorities faced more questions after a woman was found in the jail cell of an... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Another Prison Scandal in Colombia as Woman Found in Capo’s Cell

This week, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos released several emails from a slain guerrilla... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

FARC E-mails About Kidnapping

Emails mined from a computer of a slain leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC)... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

FARC Planned Kidnappings Throughout Latin America