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On April 29 the Mexican Senate approved an anti-money laundering bill, reports OEM. The law will... ReadLeer
/ Merida Initiative

Mexico Passes Money Laundering Law

Bolivia's vice minister of social defense, Felipe Caceres, said that 56% of the coca base seized in... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Bolivia Reports Flood of Peruvian Coca Base

Benjamin Arellano Felix, alias "El Señor," a leader of Mexico's Tijuana Cartel, has been... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Tijuana Cartel Leader Extradited to US

Colombia's National Police say that murders are down eight percent in the first four months of the... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Homicides Drop in Colombia

As Colombia’s largest guerrilla army grows weaker, its allegiances to other armed groups in the... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Police: FARC Trained Rastrojos to Make Landmines

More than 70 percent of all federal arrests in Mexico never reach trial, highlighting deficiencies... ReadLeer
/ Judicial Reform

Mexico Sees Many Captures, Few Trials

The head of one of Mexico’s most important business federations said recently that piracy and... ReadLeer
/ Contraband

Mexico Piracy, Contraband in Perspective

Venezuela's arrest of a Colombian national suspected of running a pro-FARC news agency in Europe... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Arrests Highlight FARC’s International Support Networks

Three Bolivian police officers and a lawyer are accused of drug trafficking in connection with the... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Bolivian Police Implicated in Sanabria Case

One of the most powerful traffickers in Puerto Rico, Angel Ayala Vazquez, was reportedly convicted... ReadLeer
/ Caribbean

Puerto Rico’s Drug-Baseball Connection?

Paraguay will begin patrolling its border with Bolivia by air in order to crack down on drug... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Paraguay Warplanes to Patrol Bolivia Border

600 uniforms intended for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Fuerzas Armadas... ReadLeer
/ Ecuador

600 FARC Uniforms Found in Ecuador