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Two mayoral candidates were abducted and murdered in northern Colombia in an attack attributed to... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

‘FARC’ Murders Mayor Candidates in North Colombia

An assessment by the Texas Department of Public Safety of the security threat posed by gangs in the... ReadLeer
/ MS13

Texas Department of Public Safety: Texas Gang Threat Assessment 2010

A report by the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas, and the Open Society Foundations, on... ReadLeer

Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas: Coverage of Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime in Latin America and the...

The presidents of Mexico and Argentina agreed to increase their cooperation in the fight against... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Argentina, Mexico Sign Extradition Treaty

Colombia's government rejected the idea of carrying out a prisoner swap with the FARC, after the... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia Rejects FARC Prisoner Swap

Mexico’s Justice Department has opened an investigation into a Sunday night grenade attack on the... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Mexico Investigates Grenade Attack on Newspaper

The UN high commissioner for human rights warned that the situation of migrants passing through... ReadLeer
/ Human Smuggling

UN: ‘Grave Concern’ About Attacks on Migrants in Mexico

Tijuana is facing a new trend in kidnapping. Unlike the wave of indiscriminate abductions for... ReadLeer
/ El Ingeniero (Tijuana)

Kidnapping in Tijuana: The New Normal

With Mexican security forces' arrest of 36 alleged members of the Familia Michoacana drug... ReadLeer
/ El Chango

Mass Arrest in Mexico Exposes Familia’s Internal Divide

Refugees fleeing towns to escape the fighting, corpses strewn on the road after a battle between... ReadLeer
/ Merida Initiative

Battles, Tanks, Missiles, but no Insurgency in Mexico

Mexico's authorities have dismantled a large methamphetamine production facility in the southern... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Army Busts Huge Meth Lab in South Mexico

Panama's efforts to stop maritime trafficking in its waters has forced traffickers to use land... ReadLeer
/ Costa Rica

Panama Sea Seizures Force Drugs into Costa Rica