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Police in Ecuador claim to have seized significantly more cocaine this year than last, but total... ReadLeer
/ Drug Policy

Ecuador Touts Increased Cocaine Seizures in 2011

An Argentine man, arrested in Paraguay for allegedly running an international sex trafficking ring,... ReadLeer
/ Human Trafficking

Paraguay Busts Sex Trafficking Ring Linked to Drug Smuggling

The U.S.'s top anti-drug official affirmed Washington's support for Peru's narcotics policy in a... ReadLeer
/ Drug Policy

US Commits to Anti-Drug Cooperation with Peru

A recent attack by Shining Path guerrillas on a military base in rural Peru may have been revenge... ReadLeer
/ Peru

Peru’s Rebel Remnants Move Deeper into the Drug Trade

With 26 dead bodies dumped on the streets of Guadalajara, mass killings in Mexico seem to be... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Guadalajara Body Dump Heralds Spread of Massacres in Mexico

The United Nations anti-impunity commission in Guatemala, CICIG, will cut its staff by 30 percent... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

Guatemala’s UN-Backed Justice Commission Faces Budget Cuts

Eighteen prison officials are under investigation for allegedly helping the escape of 11 suspected... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Prison Staff Detained After 11 ‘Zetas’ Escape

Is Mexico’s drug war spilling into the United States? Two recent cases bring new prominence -- and... ReadLeer
/ Infographics

Mexican Spillover Violence: The Riddles Grow

A prominent activist with Mexico's Movement for Peace, who joined the campaign after the... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Mexico Peace Movement Activist Murdered

Venezuela captured one of Colombia's top drug traffickers just hours before President Juan Manuel... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Venezuela Captures Colombian Drug Boss ‘Valenciano’

Federal authorities confiscated 911 guns from a container ship in the port of Lazaro Cardenas, on... ReadLeer
/ Arms Trafficking

Mexico Makes Biggest-Ever Firearms Seizure

The threat faced by Colombia two decades ago was very different to that faced by Mexico today, and... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia is no Lesson For Mexico (Part II)