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Warnings that militias made up of police may have been responsible for dozens of murders during... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Are Police-Run Militias Spreading Across Brazil?

Cocaine seizures in Mexico have dropped by about four fifths since 2007, which the UN says is... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Drop in Mexico Seizures Shows Cocaine Trade Shifting to Central America: UN

Colombian Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon has retracted his announcement of the release of nine... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Oil Workers Kidnapped in Colombian Region of FARC, ELN Activity

A Guatemalan court ruled that one of the country's most notorious alleged criminals, Juan Alberto... ReadLeer
/ Extradition

Guatemala Court Rules to Extradite ‘Juan Chamale’ to US

Colombia's attorney general, Viviane Morales, was removed from her position by the country's... ReadLeer

Colombian Attorney General Removed, Amid Accusations of Paramilitary Ties

Peru's IDL-Reporteros takes a look at the chemicals used to manufacture cocaine, and the reasons... ReadLeer
/ Peru

Why Monitoring Precursor Chemicals Won’t Halt Cocaine Production

Plans for a US-funded naval station on an island off the coast of the Dominican Republic have... ReadLeer
/ Caribbean

US-Funded Naval Base Stirs Controversy in Dominican Republic

With Colombia's largest rebel army increasingly relying on hit-and-run tactics, they have... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

FARC Diversifying Tactics with Unconventional Explosives

The case of a Mexican organization which allegedly paid mothers to put their children up for... ReadLeer
/ Human Trafficking

Mexico Case Reveals Vast Human Trafficking Scheme

The United States Homeland Security secretary, Janet Napolitano, has annonced that the US... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

US to Change Mexico Deportation Policy, Aims to Drive Down Border Violence

Panama's government has stated its opposition to drug legalization, ahead of a visit by Guatemala's... ReadLeer
/ Drug Policy

Panama Dismisses Drug Legalization

The announcement that Colombia's FARC, the region's oldest and largest insurgency, would halt... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Why the FARC May Actually Mean What It Says About Kidnapping