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Mexico's drug trafficking organizations have taken to the Internet to gather intelligence,... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Mexico Gangs Use Social Networking Sites For Recruitment, Intelligence

FARC rebels deftly used both the capture and release of journalist Romeo Langlois for propaganda... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

FARC Use Capture, Release of Journalist for Propaganda

Synthetic drugs like the one that reportedly sparked a vicious attack by the infamous “Miami... ReadLeer
/ Chile

Could ‘Miami Cannibal’ Drug Gain Ground in Latin America?

The Brazilian Army has handed control of several neighborhoods in a Rio de Janeiro favela adjoining... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Police Replace Army in Key Rio Favelas, as Pacification Advances

The Mexican state of Jalisco has been forced to suspend a purge of dirty police after criminal... ReadLeer

How Mexico’s Police Reform Can Play into Hands of Criminals

The case of a shady Balkan crime network sheds light on the ways that the South American drug trade... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

A Look at Serbian Kingpin’s Latin America Connections

The Shining Path has launched an attack on a newly established military base in the village in... ReadLeer
/ Peru

Shining Path Return to Attack Site of Mass Kidnapping

Honduran police say they have arrested five members of a kidnapping ring who are implicated in the... ReadLeer

Honduran Police Arrest 5 over Murder of Radio Journalist

The story of a Brazilian campaigner forced to flee her Amazon home by death threats from illegal... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Brazil Activist Flees After Threats From Illegal Loggers

Mexico's military discovered over 1.5 million liters of stolen oil in Veracruz state, a region... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Million-Liter Fuel Find in Zetas Territory Highlights Oil Theft in Mexico

In Nicaragua, a shadowy organization claims to have launched a successful attack against the... ReadLeer
/ Nicaragua

Nicaragua ‘Armed Groups’ Raise Specter of Contra Warfare

Splinters of once-powerful criminal cartels are causing havoc in the central state of Morelos, in... ReadLeer
/ Guerreros Unidos

In Mexico, Cartel Fragments Battle for Control of Morelos