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Colombian rebel group the FARC denied writing a statement supporting the government's proposed... ReadLeer

Who Faked FARC’s Demobilization Offer?

Gunmen killed 11 people, wounding at least nine others, at a church-run drug rehab facility in... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Gunmen Kill 11 in North Mexico Rehab Center

Five people, including one minor, were murdered in a small village in Antioquia in an attack... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

5 Killed in Colombia Gold Town Massacre

A recent joint air force exercise is supposed to herald a new era of border security cooperation... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Brazil-Venezuela Border Security Ops: Just Politics?

US authorities are concerned about Belize's failure to bring charges against a man suspected of... ReadLeer
/ Belize

Belize Govt Fails to Prosecute Alleged Meth Chemical Trafficker

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Venezuelan authorities have caught the founding leader of the Rastrojos, once Colombia's most... ReadLeer

Rastrojos Founder Captured in Venezuela

A new Colombian TV show about the life of Pablo Escobar has already reportedly broken audience... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Why Pablo Escobar Remains So Fascinating

A ten-year investigation by Italian authorities into the nation’s drug trafficking networks offers... ReadLeer
/ European Organized Crime

Italy Drug Sweep Reveals Cosa Nostra Operation in Northern Mexico

Honduran authorities burnt over 100 shark fins seized from illegal fishermen in a public ceremony... ReadLeer
/ Environmental Crime

Honduras Burns Seized Shark Fins, Condemning Illicit Trade

Bolivian authorities dismantled 91 cocaine laboratories in the eastern department of Santa Cruz, a... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Over 90 Cocaine Labs Found In Eastern Bolivia

The Caballeros Templarios, a drug gang based in west Mexico, left a series of public messages... ReadLeer
/ Knights Templar

Mexico Drug Gang Claims Pepsi Subsidiary Helped Govt Agents

A proposed "fast-track" system in the Americas is supposed to speed up lengthy extradition... ReadLeer
/ Extradition

Proposal to Speed up Extradition a Double-Edged Sword