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The Mexican branch of British-based bank HSBC will close about 20,000 accounts in the Cayman... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

After Money Laundering Probe, Mexico HSBC Branch to Close Cayman Islands Accounts

Guatemala is creating specially-trained investigators, judges and a prosecutor to target human... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

Guatemala Creates Investigative Body to Fight Human Trafficking

A top anti-narcotics official in the Dominican Republic has claimed that foreign mafias and cartels... ReadLeer
/ Caribbean

Dominican Official Blames Drug Woes on Foreign Criminal Groups

A former Paraguayan military official and his alleged business partner were detained in Paraguay... ReadLeer
/ Paraguay

Paraguay Detains Ex-Military Official with 40Kgs of Cocaine

After Shining Path leader Felix Huachaca Tincopa, alias "Roberto," was captured in late 2010, he... ReadLeer
/ Peru

Shining Path Leader Offers Rare Glimpse Into Peru Drug Trade

Google Ideas' two-day conference on how to best use technology to fight criminal networks was a... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Why is Google Picking a Fight with the Mafia?

Guatemala’s Attorney General Claudia Paz y Paz set out her department’s new strategies for... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

Guatemala’s New Strategy to Take Down Criminal Networks

The killing of eight people by São Paulo police in the course of one night last weekend could... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Is a Police-Gang War Brewing in São Paulo?

A suspected Brazilian gang leader based in one of Paraguay's key locations for smuggling contraband... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Brazilian ‘Red Command Gang Boss’ Murdered in Paraguay

The US military claims drug seizures in Central America have increased 30 percent in the last year... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

Central America Drug Seizures Up 30% in 2012: US

An entire municipal police force in the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua have resigned from... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Police Resign En Masse in North Mexico Due to Gang Pressure