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Paraguay Interior Minister Carmelo Caballero
A new security council will be dedicated to strengthening intelligence operations in the fight... ReadLeer

Paraguay Creates Security Council to Fight Elusive Guerrillas

The rugged landscape of the Sierra Madre Occidental
An investigation by Mexican newspaper Rio Doce provides a rare look at the difficult life of... ReadLeer
/ El Chapo

Inside the Golden Triangle

Blacklisted company ADT Petroservicios logo and owner Francisco Colorado Cessa
The US Treasury Department has placed sanctions against an oil services subcontractor accused of... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

OFAC Blacklists Oil Subcontractor for Zetas Links

Brazilian Federal Police on patrol
Brasilia has called in the federal police to the capital city to help address an alarming spike in... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Brasilia Requests Federal Police Patrols to Fight Crime Wave

Ex-governor Tomas Yarrington
In what is shaping out to be one of the most prominent investigations ever into a Mexican... ReadLeer
/ Gulf Cartel

International Arrest Warrant Issued for Mexico Governor

Coca in Peru's Upper Huallaga Valley
A clash between police and coca growers left at least two people dead in one of the epicenters of... ReadLeer
/ Infographics

Deadly Police Clash Points to Peru’s Inability to Tackle Coca Crops in Key Valley

Salvatore Bonomolo after his arrest in Venezuela
Venezuela authorities, working closely with Italian and Interpol investigators, apprehended... ReadLeer
/ European Organized Crime

Venezuela Arrest Reveals Deepening Italian Mafia Ties

Heroin seized by airport officials in Guatemala City
Guatemalan airport authorities seized their second large shipment of heroin in a week, giving... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

Guatemala Seizes Second Heroin Shipment in a Week

Cocaine processing lab in northern Honduras
Honduras announced it had found a cocaine processing laboratory on the country's north Caribbean... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Honduras Discovers Cocaine Lab

The seized material, which Bolivian officials say contained uranium
Bolivian officials walked back initial claims that two tons of radioactive uranium were seized in... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Bolivia Seizes ‘2 Tons of Uranium’ in Downtown La Paz

The scene of the May 15 bombing in Bogota
Colombian authorities arrested five suspects who they say were contracted by FARC rebels in a May... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

5 Arrested for FARC-Linked Bogota Bombing

US Marines in Guatemala
The United States has sent some 170 Marines to Guatemala as part of its ongoing efforts to... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

Over 150 US Marines Deployed to Guatemala to Combat Drug Traffickers