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Peru to ban foreigners with criminal record
The Peruvian government has announced plans to ban the entry of foreigners with a criminal record... ReadLeer
/ Peru

Peru Announces Entry ‘Ban’ On Foreigners With Criminal Record

A sign in Buenos Aires' Chinatown
A transitional police operation has resulted in the arrest of several Chinese nationals accused of... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Chinese ‘Mafia’ Ring Brought Down in Argentina

The arrest of a regional leader of Colombia gang the Rastrojos
Police have arrested the alleged leader of criminal group the Rastrojos in Colombia's coffee... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Arrest of Regional Leader a Further Blow to Colombia’s Rastrojos

An anti-human trafficking ad in Brazil
Brazil has announced a three-year plan to combat human trafficking, including tougher border... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Brazil Announces New Anti-Human Trafficking Measures

A new report takes on Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s security policy, offering a detailed... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Peña Nieto’s Best (and Worst) Ideas for Mexico’s Security

A still from the Youtube video
A video uploaded to Youtube claims to show Honduras' top cop participating in a plan to... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Youtube Video Accuses Honduras Police Chief of Assassination Plot

An Arizona section of the US-Mexico border fence
A US government study points to an overall decrease in US border crime between 2004 to 2011,... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Violent Crime on the US Southwest Border Decreased from 2004-2011: Study

Ecuador must deal with its continued failure to comply with international standards on money... ReadLeer
/ Ecuador

Ecuador Remains on International Money Laundering Blacklist

A child assassin arrested in Mexico in 2012
The Mexican government is to accept its responsibilities towards children recruited by criminal... ReadLeer
/ Human Rights

Mexico to Take More Responsibility for Child Recruitment by Criminal Gangs

Colombia's security forces tout the capture of alias "Peker"
The latest in a series of arrests targeting emergent criminal organization the Giraldos may yet tip... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Arrest May Shake Up Urabeños War in Colombia’s Caribbean

Community Police in Guerrero
Vigilante groups in Guerrero state, west Mexico, have announced plans to band together under a... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

West Mexico Vigilantes Form Unified Command

La Republica reports on forced prostitution in Peru
A newspaper's undercover investigation reveals the extent of sex trafficking in Peru, visiting a... ReadLeer
/ Gender and Organized Crime

‘Thousands’ of Underage Girls Sex Trafficked to Peru Mining Town