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 Guadalajara Cartel chief Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo
Mexico’s battles with drug trafficking have been a constant in the country’s modern history, but... ReadLeer
/ Juarez Cartel

How Mexico’s Underworld Became Violent

Women are increasingly involved in drug trafficking
There has been an increase in women trafficking drugs over the Mexico-US border, according to US... ReadLeer
/ Gender and Organized Crime

Rise In Women Trafficking Drugs On Mexico-US Border

Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos
The Urabeños are the last of Colombia’s new-generation criminal groups (known as the BACRIM)... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Urabeños are Colombia’s Last National Drug Gang: Govt

Brazil's prisons: criminal breeding grounds
The United Nations has criticized the "excessive use of detentions" in Brazil, feeding the problems... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Brazil Jailing People ‘Excessively’: UN

Honduras Police Chief, Juan Carlos Bonilla
The US has said it will continue to support the Honduran police but will not work with their... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

We Will Support Honduran Police But Ignore Their Director: US

Anti-narcotics police guarding a drug seizure
An drug trafficking ring that transported Bolivian cocaine to Spain has been dismantled, revealing... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Bolivia to Spain Drug Network Unraveled

SOUTHCOM commander John Kelly, far right
Just the Facts analyzes statements from the new SouthCom commander on the sequestration budget cuts... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

Six Observations about SouthCom ‘Posture Statement’

HSBC stands accused of facilitating money laundering
The accusations from Argentina's tax authority that London-based HSBC laundered over $100 million... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

HSBC Gives Argentina Prosecutors Chance to Correct US Blunder

Cocaine seized off Dominican Republic coast in January
Authorities in the Dominican Republic have confiscated 1.9 tons of cocaine, bringing the amount... ReadLeer
/ Caribbean

Dominican Republic Makes 3rd Major Drug Bust of 2013

Site of "Raul Reyes" bombing, 5 years on
Ecuadorean armed forces have reported two confrontations with Colombian rebels in a week, as the... ReadLeer
/ Ecuador

Ecuador Battles FARC, 5 Years After Death of Raul Reyes

Peruvian plans to send recruits to the VRAEM
The Peruvian government has reinstated a military draft in order to counter a shortfall of 30,000... ReadLeer
/ Peru

Peru Announces Military Draft as Govt Fights Traffickers, Rebels

Costa Rican Security Minister Mario Zamora
Police in Costa Rica have dismantled a network that trafficked cocaine from Colombia for sale... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Police Dismantle Colombia-Costa Rica Trafficking Network