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Colombia has had over 10,000 landmine victims
Colombia's criminal hybrid groups, known as BACRIM, are reportedly using landmines to protect their... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

BACRIM Turn to Landmines in Colombia

Coca eradicators in Bolivia
A Bolivian government official says that a recent incident involving coca growers attacking the... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Peru Traffickers Resisting Coca Eradication: Bolivia

El Salvador police round up suspected gang members
Prosecutors in El Salvador have revealed that 180 people were convicted under the country's... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

El Salvador Prosecutors Reveal Use of Anti-Gang Law During Truce

Ex-Mexico President Vicente Fox and Jamen Shively
Former President of Mexico Vicente Fox has backed an ex-Microsoft businessman's plans to create the... ReadLeer
/ Drug Policy

Ex-Mexico President Fox Backs Plans for ‘Big Marijuana’ Business

Nicaragua police chief Aminta Granera
Nicaragua's police chief has attributed a drop in the country's national homicide rate to an... ReadLeer
/ Homicides

Nicaragua Homicide Rate Drops to 11 per 100,000

Honduras gang leaders
Honduras gangs committed this week to keeping violence rates low as the first step in a series of... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

5 Questions About Honduras’ Gang Pact

Alias "Martin Bala"
Colombian police have captured alias "Martin Bala," a leader of drug trafficking orgaization the... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Urabeños Capture May Shake Up Turf War in Southwest Colombia

A group of 11 people reportedly went missing following a police operation at a bar in Mexico’s... ReadLeer
/ Human Rights

11 Disappear In Mexico City ‘Police Operation’

Folha's map of the border cameras
Brazil will install video surveillance cameras along the 17,000 kilometer border it shares with 10... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Brazil to Install Border Security Cameras

The four police generals called to testify
Four ex-police generals have been called to testify in an investigation into former Colombian... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombian Ex-Police Generals Called to Testify in Uribe Investigation

President Mauricio Funes with the World Bank President
A study commissioned by the World Bank shows El Salvador spends a greater portion of government... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

El Salvador Spends on Security, Not Social Welfare: World Bank

Knights Templar 2012 attack on Sabritas
A survey by the American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico (Amcham) found that 36 percent of the... ReadLeer
/ Extortion

Mexico Extortion Hits 1/3 of Foreign Businesses