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El Salvador Attorney General Luis Martinez
El Salvador's Attorney General has accused a former minister, who played a critical role in... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Ex-Minister Accused of Interfering in El Salvador Anti-Gang Ops

Costa Rica police search business linked to money laundering
Costa Rica authorities have frozen the funds of two men suspected of running a money laundering... ReadLeer
/ Costa Rica

Authorities Investigate Costa Rica Money Laundering Linked to Venezuela Govt.

The most powerful and feared of Colombia's narco-paramilitary groups -- the Urabeños -- has called... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Urabeños Call for Inclusion in Colombia Peace Talks

The former attorney general (left) and his assistant
Honduras' attorney general and his assistant have resigned amidst accusations of financial... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Honduras Attorney General Resigns After Pressure From Congress

Protesters clash with police in Norte de Santander
The government is negotiating with community leaders in the coca growing hub of east Colombia after... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Govt. in Talks to Quell Coca Riots in East Colombia

Interior Minister Miguel Angel Osorio Chong
Mexico's government has decided to make the controversial Gendarmerie -- a key component of... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

The Pros and Cons of Absorbing Mexico’s Gendarmerie into the Federal Police

Santos speaks at citizen security conference
The Colombian government plans to invest a total of $2.3 billion in citizen security for the 2012... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia to Invest ‘Unprecedented’ $2.3 Billion in Citizen Security

Security forces have arrested three Venezuelans who are allegedly members of the Urabeños,... ReadLeer
/ Criminal Migration

Arrest of Venezuelan ‘Urabeños’ Points to Criminal Migration

Consumption of "new psychoactive substances" is on the rise worldwide including in Latin America,... ReadLeer
/ Drug Policy

2013 UN Drug Report Highlights Rise in New, Unregulated Drugs

Soldiers patrol San Pedro Sula streets
Honduras' 2013 homicide rate may be over six percent lower than the previous year, according to... ReadLeer
/ Homicides

Honduras Homicide Rate Set to Drop Over 6% for 2013: University

Mexico's Wal Mart is facing probes for money laundering
Mexico’s president has sent new reforms to Congress aimed at cracking down on money laundering,... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Why Mexico’s New Dirty Money Push Is Not a Game-Changer

Guatemala has announced plans to buy 33,000 weapons for its police force of 25,000 officers,... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

Guatemala to Invest $28 Million in Arming Police