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Chilean officials with confiscated money
Officials in Chile have reported a 33 percent increase in suspicious financial transactions for the... ReadLeer
/ Chile

Suspicious Financial Transactions in Chile Up 33% from 2012

Cocaine seized by police in San Andres
Police have seized half a ton of cocaine allegedly belonging to the Urabeños from a port in... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia Seizes Major Cocaine Shipment on Caribbean Island

Jose Lucio Rivera Gomez
Following the arrest of a previously little known gang leader in Honduras, evidence has emerged of... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Captured Gang Leader is Major Drug Trafficker in Honduras

Extortion and money laundering are rising in Peru
A top police official has highlighted the growing problem of extortion in Peru, amid reports that... ReadLeer
/ Extortion

Growth of Extortion a Major Concern for Peru: Official

Uruguay's National Police Director Julio Guarteche
Growing drug trafficking in Uruguay has given rise to local criminal groups involved in the trade,... ReadLeer
/ Uruguay

Local Groups Increase Stake in Uruguay’s Drug Trade: Police Chief

Gerardo de Jesus Gutierrez, alias "El Flaco"
Nicaraguan authorities are continuing to refute the political motives of armed actors in the... ReadLeer
/ Infographics

Rebels or Delinquents? Armed Groups Grip Northern Nicaragua

Election frontrunners Castro, Villeda and Hernandez
Presidential candidates in Honduras' upcoming elections have laid out their planned security... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Honduras Presidential Candidates Lay Out Security Plans

Police raid an "olla" in Medellin's drug hub Barbacoas
Eight months after the opening salvos in Colombia's new war against micro-trafficking, residents in... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Pushing Around the Problem: Colombia’s ‘War’ on Micro-trafficking

More than 300 kilos of cocaine recovered near Buenos Aires
Police in Buenos Aires broke the annual record for marijuana seizures in the province by the start... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Argentina Seizes Record Amount of Marijuana in 2013

Luis Calle Quiros and Maria Rodriguez Badillo
The United States has added two alleged money launderers from Spain and Peru with links to Colombia... ReadLeer
/ Money Laundering

US Sanctions Target Cross-Continental Money Laundering Ring

Soldier stands guard as crops are fumigated
Colombia's top anti-drug adviser has whipped up a political storm with comments that the aerial... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Fumigation Does Not Work: Colombia Anti-Drugs Adviser

Moralillo Bridge, Tamaulipas state
The Zetas and Gulf Cartel are imposing a toll on travel between two states in eastern Mexico, in a... ReadLeer
/ Gulf Cartel

Gulf Cartel and Zetas Run ‘Narco-Toll Bridge’ in East Mexico