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Money seized by Spanish authorities in 2010
The trial has begun for 45 members of a drug money laundering network operating in Spain alleged to... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Spanish Network Allegedly Sent Millions to FARC Rebels

An arrastoe in Rio, Brazil
Teenage gangs are descending onto Rio De Janeiro's beaches to rob tourists en masse, according to... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Mass Beach Robberies Prompt Brazil Police Crackdown

Cocaine seized by FELCN near Peruvian border
Bolivia has seized 18.8 tons of cocaine and cocaine paste this year, a drop of nearly 50 percent... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Why Have Bolivia’s Cocaine Seizures Fallen 50% in 2013?

A murder scene in Rosario last June
In recent years, Argentina has seen rising violence and an influx of foreign drug traffickers as... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Breaking Down Argentina’s Drug Trade

"La Tuta" speaking in the video
The leader of Mexico's Knights Templar has claimed the cartel was twice contacted by the sister of... ReadLeer
/ Knights Templar

Did Ex-President’s Sister Work With Mexico’s Knights Templar?

Peruvians arrested after shootout with police
A Bolivian pilot shot dead while trying to fly cocaine out of Peru was reportedly linked to the... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Bolivia-Sinaloa Links Suggest Mexico Cartel Expansion

Carabiniers director Gustavo Gonzalez
The head of Chile's national anti-narcotics police has been removed from his position and over... ReadLeer
/ Chile

Chile Takes Hard Line Against Corruption After Police Drugs Scandal

Peruvian eradicators in the Upper Huallaga Valley
Peru has eradicated a record amount of coca in 2013, surpassing the country's goal for the year of... ReadLeer
/ Coca

Peru Breaks Coca Eradication Record

In the view of Mexico's government, coordination in the national security strategy is an end in... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

The Mexico Govt’s Coordination Obsession

A baby ocelot rescued from traffickers
Experts have revealed the extent of illegal wildlife trafficking in Colombia, highlighting an... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

58,000 Trafficked Animals Seized Annually in Colombia

A drug shipment allegedly organized by the officers
Four national police officers from Chile have been detained for involvement in smuggling over a ton... ReadLeer
/ Chile

Drug Arrests Highlight Chile Police Corruption

Russian war ships
Nicaragua has authorized the militaries of the United States and Russia to undertake drug... ReadLeer
/ Caribbean

Nicaragua Issues Politically Charged Anti-Drug Ops Invitation