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Honduras security officials guarding a drug lab
 Counter-narcotics police in Honduras said a cocaine-processing laboratory discovered in the... ReadLeer
/ Criminal Migration

Honduras Cocaine Lab Report Casts Doubt on Production Migration

Archbishop of San Salvador Jose Luis Escobar
A top Catholic Church leader in El Salvador said the truce between the country's two main gangs had... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

San Salvador Archbishop: Gang Truce ‘Did Not Work’

Ex-Mexico President Vicente Fox
In an interview with a prominent Mexican newspaper, former Mexico President Vicente Fox... ReadLeer
/ Drug Policy

Today’s Drug Lords Can Be Tomorrow’s Businessmen: Ex-Mexico President Fox

Steven Vladyslav Subkys
Authorities in Mexico have arrested an alleged member of an Eastern European mafia organization who... ReadLeer
/ Criminal Migration

What Was Ukraine Drug Trafficker Doing in Mexico?

Carlos Arnoldo Lobo, alias "El Negro"
Authorities in Honduras have arrested a drug trafficker with connections to Colombia who is first... ReadLeer
/ Extradition

Honduras Arrests Drug Trafficker 1st in Line for Extradition

The captured members of the Cifuentes Villa clan
Authorities in Medellin, Colombia have sent four alleged drug traffickers to prison, among them... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia Arrests Members of Narco Family Linked to Sinaloa Cartel

Colombian special forces
US aid to Colombia has declined considerably since 2008. Counternarcotics and counterinsurgency... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia, the United States, and Security Cooperation by Proxy

Journalism in Argentina is increasingly dangerous
A report by a journalism watchdog in Argentina shows a pattern of increasing aggressions against... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Report Signals Rising Threat to Argentina Journalists

Uruguay's anti-money laundering chief Carlos Diaz
Uruguay's anti-money laundering chief has called for greater oversight of religious groups and... ReadLeer
/ Money Laundering

Uruguay Anti-Money Laundering Chief Targets Churches and NGOs

Judge Juan Carlos Vienna was targeted for assassination
A plot to kill a judge in Argentina overseeing dozens of cases against members of criminal group... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Murder Plot Against Judge Marks Argentina Org Crime Evolution

Coronel German Alfaro
The chief of Honduras' military police force has outlined plans to double the number of officers on... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Honduras to Double Military Police in San Pedro Sula

Hector Alonso Castro Franco, alias "Hector Largo"
Police in Colombia have captured the country's "czar" of synthetic drugs, highlighting the growing... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia Captures “Czar” of Thriving Synthetic Drug Trade