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Cocaine seized in Puerto Rico
Maritime antinarcotics authorities have seized over 17 tons of cocaine around Puerto Rico so far... ReadLeer
/ Caribbean

Cocaine Seizures Surge Shows Puerto Rico’s Trafficking Importance

Young men assassinated in Chilpancingo in early May
A spate of murders in Guerrero, Mexico appears to be linked to a power struggle between local gangs... ReadLeer
/ Beltran Leyva Org

Murder Spike in Guerrero, Mexico Points to Criminal Power Struggle

FARC negotiators in Havana
The lack of major violations to the unilateral ceasefire declared by the FARC for Colombia's... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Limited Ceasefire Violations Suggest FARC Command Still in Control

Pablo Escobar was closely tied to his favorite team
Soccer has long been a unifying force in Latin America. When the World Cup begins on June 12,... ReadLeer
/ Money Laundering

10 Ways Soccer and Organized Crime Mix in Latin America

Cocaine seized in El Salvador in late 2013
Authorities in El Salvador have seized just 2.3 tons of cocaine over the past five years, a figure... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Low El Salvador Drug Seizures Point to Ongoing Impunity, Corruption

Cocaine inside a pineapple from Costa Rica
Costa Rica's export sector is suffering profoundly from the effects of drug traffickers as the use... ReadLeer
/ Costa Rica

Drug Trafficking Hits Costa Rica’s Export Business: Industry

Former president of DEVIDA, Carmen Masias
The government in Peru has fired its anti-narcotics chief in a surprise move that could signal a... ReadLeer
/ Coca

Peru Anti Drug Chief Fired in Coca Eradication Policy U-Turn

Mexico federal forces in Tamaulipas
The recent wave of killings that has made the state of Tamaulipas one of Mexico's main drug... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

How Federal Security Deployments in Mexico Are Set Up to Fail

A minivan smuggling cigarettes from Paraguay to Brazil
Authorities in Brazil seized over eight million packs of contraband cigarettes in just one state in... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Brazil Cigarette Seizures Highlight Paraguay Contraband Trade

Undocumented migrants are often victims of sex trafficking
Authorities in Providence, Rhode Island have dismantled four residential brothels this year,... ReadLeer
/ Gender and Organized Crime

Brothel Discoveries Shed Light on US End of LatAm Sex Trade

Four of the men killed so far
Reported infighting within Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel in Honduras has added to the bloodshed in San... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Spate of Killings Illustrates Sinaloa Cartel Presence in Honduras

President Juan Orlando Hernandez
Honduras' new President Juan Orlando Hernandez garnered a 66 percent approval rating in a new... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Honduras Poll Indicates Support for New President’s Iron Fist Policies