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Mexico's Gendarmerie will begin operating in July
Mexico's Gendarmerie has been slated to begin operations as a force dedicated to protecting... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Mexico’s Scaled Down Gendarmerie to Protect Industry

Detained vigilante leader Jose Manuel Mireles
Protests have erupted in Mexico in response to the arrest of vigilante leader Jose Manuel Mireles... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Mexico Vigilante Leader Arrested, Conflict with Govt Intensifies

Jose Misael Cisneros, alias "Medio Millon"
One of El Salvador's most notorious underworld figures and a key link between the MS13 gang and... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Key El Salvador Gang-Underworld Player May Go Free

Jairo Orellana Morales, alias "El Pelon"
Intelligence reports obtained by the media in Honduras show how a captured drug trafficker and... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

How a Guatemala Drug Trafficker Operated in Honduras

Ex-Oficina kingpin Diego Murillo, aka "Don Berna"
US authorities have placed Colombia's Oficina de Envigado on its Specially Designated Narcotics... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

US Puts Colombia’s Oficina de Envigado on Kingpin List Despite Decline

Jose Natividad Luna Pereira, alias "Chepe Luna"
The alleged leader of El Salvador's Los Perrones drug running group "Chepe Luna" has been... ReadLeer
/ Chepe Luna

Was the Assassination of El Salvador’s ‘Chepe Luna’ a Criminal Hit or Just Business?

Jose Manuel Mireles in La Mira
A militia led by ousted vigilante leader Jose Manuel Mireles has seized a town near the port... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Rebel Vigilante Militia Seizes Mexico Town in Threat to Legalization

Key "Narcosul" traffickers: Graphic by Extra
Considering that Brazil is the second-biggest market for cocaine in the world, relatively little is... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

A Closer Look at Brazil-Bound Drug Networks

The Arellano Felix family
The capture of Tijuana Cartel leader Fernando Sanchez Arellano has left his mother in charge of the... ReadLeer
/ El Ingeniero (Tijuana)

‘Narco-Mom’ Takes Charge of Tijuana Cartel

Mexico is a major meth producer
The United Nations Office on Drug and Crime (UNODC)'s most recent report on the global narcotics... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

UN Drug Report Highlights Shifting Patterns in Precursor Chemical Use

Assassinated lawyer Dana Seetahal
US Assistant Secretary of State William Brownfield said the assassination of a leading attorney in... ReadLeer
/ Caribbean

Trinidad Attorney Killed by International Drug Gang: US

Coca fields in Colombia
Total coca cultivation in Colombia remained stable in 2013, though it became more concentrated in... ReadLeer
/ Coca

Colombia Coca Cultivation Declines in Mining Regions