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A military police officer in Complexo do Alemao
One of Rio de Janeiro's largest UPP-occupied slum complexes has seen a steadily deteriorating... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Deadly Clashes in Rio Slum Complex Signal Pacification Flaws

Alberto Santillan Zamora
Peru's National Police have arrested a man identified as one of the country's most wanted criminals... ReadLeer
/ Peru

Captured Peru Narco Boss Worked with Mexico’s Tijuana Cartel

Jose Enrique Torres
Police in El Salvador have dismantled a criminal network run by a member of the Perrones with... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

Police Op Sheds Light on Ongoing Activities of El Salvador’s Perrones

Victims of human trafficking in Mexico
Authorities in Mexico have uncovered a web of human trafficking alliances stretching across 17... ReadLeer
/ Human Trafficking

Mexico Human Trafficking Web Exposes Changing Role of Cartels

Wood brought down the Javari -
To learn about the illegal wood trade and its impact on local communities, photographer Fellipe... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Inside Peru’s Illegal Logging Industry

Knights Templar leader "La Tuta"
A senior security official in Mexico has claimed that the leader of the Knights Templar criminal... ReadLeer
/ Knights Templar

Has Mexico Neutralized the Knights Templar Boss?

Medellin has extended motorcycle restrictions
The city of Medellin, Colombia is once more renewing its ban against men riding on the back of... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Male Motorcycle Passengers Banned as Medellin Tackles Hitmen

Many of El Salvador's prisons are gang controlled
El Salvador's security minister has said that the government intends to end the practice of... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

El Salvador Govt Plans End to Gang-Segregated Prisons

Drummond stands accused of paramilitary collusion
A Dutch NGO has compiled a damning report on the alleged collusion of multinational mining... ReadLeer

Colombia’s Paramilitary-Coal Nexus: Drummond, Glencore Face New Accusations

The tunnel discovered by authorities
Police in Paraguay say they believe high-ranking members of Brazil's PCC criminal organization have... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Leaders of Brazil’s PCC Gang Fled to Paraguay: Police

Is there something Pablo's death scene isn't saying?
Extradited Colombia paramilitary leader and mafia boss Diego Fernando Murillo, alias "Don Berna,"... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Who Really Killed Pablo Escobar?

El Salvador murders have risen 70% in 2014
Homicides in El Salvador have risen by nearly 70 percent in the first half of 2014 as the country's... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

New El Salvador Govt Yet to Take Action as Homicides Rocket