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In a case that could potentially set an important precedent for Argentina's ability to go after... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Incriminating Photo Prompts Judge to Abandon Case Against Argentina Gang

Colombia's most powerful criminal organization the Urabeños have threatened journalists who have... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Reporters Incur Wrath from Colombia’s Urabeños

The house of the Fusina spokesperson
An armed attack directed at the spokesperson for Honduras' inter-institutional security force... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Why Did Armed Group Attack Honduras Security Force Spokesman?

The site of the infamous Carandiru Massacre
Thirty years ago, an alleged criminal organization called the Black Serpents -- whose existence was... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

From Black Serpents to PCC: A Brazil Gang Myth Turned Nightmare

A police station in Niteroi, Brazil
So far in 2014, violence and crime have increased across Rio de Janeiro state in Brazil, a dynamic... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Why Is Crime Rising Across Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro State?

A semi-truck burned by the FARC in Antioquia
Emails from computers seized by Colombia's security forces have revealed a massive FARC extortion... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Emails Show Colombia’s FARC Intensifying Extortion Despite Peace Talks

Pemex has lost over $1 billion from fuel theft in 2014
The theft of fuel from Mexico's state-owned oil company Pemex has risen by around 33 percent this... ReadLeer
/ Gulf Cartel

Mexico Fuel Theft Worth $1 Bn in 2014

Excessive pretrial detention leads to overcrowding
A new report highlights the excessive use of pretrial detention in Latin America -- a phenomenon... ReadLeer
/ Infographics

Mapping Latin America’s Pretrial Detention Populations

Steven Dudley, co-director and co-founder, head of research for Mexico, Central America and the... ReadLeer

The Team

The warehouse where the incident took place
Eight military personnel have been arrested in Mexico for their involvement in a June incident that... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Mexico Soldiers Arrested for Involvement in Killings of 22 People

The bridge connecting Ciudad del Este with Brazil
Official corruption is facilitating Paraguay's contraband trade, particularly near the Triple... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Paraguay Contraband an ‘Uncontainable Avalanche’ Spurred by Corruption

The Uruguayan presidential candidate favored by drug policy reform advocates, ex-President Tabare... ReadLeer
/ Drug Policy

Uruguay Presidential Candidate Proposes Rehab for Marijuana Users