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Peru has announced plans to hire four special prosecutors to investigate cases of human... ReadLeer
/ Human Trafficking

Peru to Send Investigators to Human Trafficking Hotspots

The alleged Sinaloa cocaine seized in Buenaventura
Police in Colombia are investigating whether Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel is behind four recent murders... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Sinaloa Cartel Suspected of Killings on Colombia’s Pacific: Police

Weapons seized in El Salvador
According to a US official, around half of the illegal weapons circulating in El Salvador come from... ReadLeer
/ Arms Trafficking

Half the Illegal Weapons in El Salvador Come from US: Official

The Venezuelan smartphone security app
Venezuela has launched a smartphone app that connects users to the nearest police unit in case of... ReadLeer
/ Venezuela

Venezuela Launches App to Speed Up Police Response

A younger Munguia Payes (left) and Molina Montoya
Colonel Carlos Alfredo Rivas Najarro is one of the more progressive figures in El Salvador's... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

El Salvador: A Murder, A Bogus Investigation, An Army Cover-Up?

Peruvian Defense Minister Pedro Cateriano
Peru's government plans to purchase several military planes and install 10 military bases in the... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Peru Steps Up Efforts to Cut Cocaine Air Bridge

The alleged body of Heriberto Lazcano
Mexico's Attorney General's Office has refused to release DNA testing results that would confirm... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Mexico Withholds DNA Info on ‘Slain’ Zetas Leader’s Body

The inmates who escaped from San Pedro prison
A riot that left four people dead in one prison, and the escape of four inmates from another... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Bolivia Struggles to Resolve Its Prison Crisis

Byron Linares was handed over to US authorities
A high-ranking member of a powerful criminal organization in Guatemala has become the latest drug... ReadLeer
/ Extradition

Guatemala Hands Over Another Narco Leader to US

Colonel Carlos Rivas Najarro
Colonel Carlos Alfredo Rivas Najarro is one of the more progressive figures in El Salvador's... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Murder of Colonel’s Son Raises Questions Over Role of El Salvador’s Military

Some of the Council of Nine members
Former MS13 members in Guatemala have provided a breakdown of the rankings and pay scales within... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

Informants Shed Light on Structure of MS13 in Guatemala

Bolivian Interior Minister Jorge Perez
Bolivia's interior minister has stated that Bolivian cocaine makes up less than one percent of the... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Bolivia Provides Less Than 1% of US Cocaine: Interior Minister