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Mexico security forces on patrol
Reports of torture and ill treatment by security officials in Mexico have risen nearly 600 percent... ReadLeer
/ Human Rights

Amnesty Tracks Rise of Torture in Mexico

Guatemalan drug trafficker Otto Herrera
Records show that the United States quietly released Guatemala kingpin Otto Herrera nearly a year... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

Why Did the US Release One of Guatemala’s Biggest Drug Traffickers?

PGC leader Osmar de Souza was captured in Paraguay in 2012
An emerging criminal group from Brazil may control up to 60 percent of the cocaine trafficked out... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Brazilian Gang Runs Cocaine Trade in Peru’s Rebel Heartland

The cemetery in Guatemala's most violent municipality
A UN report puts Guatemala among the top five most violent countries in the world, with 40.6... ReadLeer
/ Contraband

Guatemala’s Most Violent vs. Most Peaceful Place

A rally supporting Uruguay's marijuana legislation
The long process of legalizing marijuana production in Uruguay continues to inch forward, under the... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Uruguay Registers Marijuana Growers

Lucia forms part of Colombian narco-family the Cifuentes Villas
Colombia has successfully prosecuted another member of a notorious narco-clan once allied with the... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia Sentences Member of Narco Family Linked to Sinaloa Cartel

Byron Lima allegedly granted inmates special favors for money
The former army captain convicted of killing Bishop Juan Gerardi ran a massive bribery ring from... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

‘Bishop’s Killer Ran Prison Bribery Ring in Guatemala’

September 2 was the 10th anniversary of the decision of El Salvador's government to assign... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

How El Salvador Handed its Prisons to the Mara Street Gangs

Mexico only investigates 1% of forced diappearences
Only one percent of forced disappearances in Mexico have been investigated by authorities, a... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Report Highlights Rampant Impunity in Mexico Forced Disappearances

Tattoos used to be compulsory for Honduras gang members
Police in Honduras say they have decoded the symbolic meanings of common tattoos used by the... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

Hidden Meanings of Honduras Mara Gang Tattoos Explained

The director of Paraguay's 4th Police Zone (right)
Three high level police officials in Paraguay have been accused of selling seized cocaine and... ReadLeer
/ Paraguay

Top Paraguay Police Officials Accused of Selling Seized Drugs, Guns

The Bustamente brothers
Two key players in Colombia's Pacific coast drug trade with links to Buenaventura gang La Empresa... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Drug Lords of Colombia’s Pacific Coast Captured in Panama