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UK report could influence international drug debate
A new study published by the British government found that punitive drug laws don't necessarily... ReadLeer
/ Drug Policy

UK Study Could Impact LatAm Drug Use Policies

Bolivia's Senate
According to Bolivia's Congress, there are some 300 public prosecutors who are currently under... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

60% Bolivia Prosecutors Linked to Crimes: Congress

President Fernandez de Kirchner with Jose Ramon Granero
A report on the government of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner looks at three scandals... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Argentina Embroiled In Narco Corruption Scandals: Report

Repeat offenders are a serious problem in Honduras
A recent report from Honduras revealed how alleged criminals are arrested and released numerous... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Honduras Struggles to Prosecute Suspects

El Salvador gang members learning to farm
A new initiative is teaching gang members in El Salvador vocational skills like farming and... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

El Salvador’s Barrio 18, MS13 Learn to Farm

The land where the marijuana was planted
Chile is now the first country in Latin America to cultivate marijuana for strictly medical... ReadLeer
/ Chile

Chile Kicks Off Medical Marijuana Program

22.4 million Mexicans told the Envipe that they had been victims of a crime in the past year
Mexico’s declining murder rate counts as a major accomplishment for President Enrique Peña... ReadLeer
/ Homicides

Mexico Crime Survey Reveals Conflicting Trends

The cocaine seized in the October operation
The latest arrests of high-ranking police officials point to a troubling pattern of official... ReadLeer
/ Ecuador

Ecuador Police-Narco Links Point to Trouble Ahead

Knights Templar leader "La Tuta" enjoys the media spotlight
The head of Mexican criminal group the Knights Templar, "La Tuta," has vowed to "fight to the... ReadLeer
/ Knights Templar

Mexico’s Knights Templar Leader Vows to Never Surrender

Salvadoran Attorney General Luis Martinez
Investigators are close to finishing their probe into whether the negotiators of the country's... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

El Salvador Probes ‘Irregularities’ in Failed Gang Truce

Juving Suazo, the second Honduran to be extradited
Honduras has completed its second extradition of an alleged drug trafficker to the United States,... ReadLeer
/ Extradition

Honduras Extradites Second ‘Drug Trafficker’ to US

Horst Walther Overdick Mejía, alias "Tiger"
The stories of the captures of Walter Montejo, Elio Lorenzana, and Walther Overdick -- three of... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

The Fall of Guatemala’s 3 Top Drug Lords