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Mexico's president announces new security plan
In an effort to quell the outcry over the enforced disappearance of 43 student protesters,... ReadLeer
/ Judicial Reform

Mexico Proposes Reforms to Calm Outrage over Disappearances

Costa Rican police arrest a judge for corruption
Costa Rica has set in motion a plan to establish a specialized organized crime and drug trafficking... ReadLeer
/ Costa Rica

Costa Rica Plans Organized Crime Court to Halt Corruption

Guns seized from drug traffickers in Argentina
Argentina's security forces killed at least 107 people in Buenos Aires and the neighboring province... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Argentina Police Brutality: ‘Mafia’ Cops in Buenos Aires

A domestic servant in Haiti
The Global Slavery Index has identified Mexico, Haiti, and Brazil as the countries with the highest... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Mexico, Haiti Have Highest Numbers of ‘Modern Slaves’ In the Americas

Capture Image of the Video
A revealing video from Peru shows the speed with which drug traffickers can load up an aircraft... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Peru Narco-Plane Needs Just 6 Minutes to Load up Cocaine

Police with links to organized crime detained in Guerrero
Close to 70 percent of the 18,000 municipal police who failed vetting tests in Mexico are... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Corrupt Mexico Police Concentrated in 10 States

Members of Colombia's military in Choco
The kidnapping of a military general by FARC rebels operating in Colombia's Pacific state of Choco... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Why Is Choco A Haven for Colombia’s Criminal Groups?

Former police director Ramon Sabillon
Honduras' president has replaced the head of the country's police force, amid speculation that his... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Honduras Removes Police Director Amid Stalled Reform Effort

A report by Colombia's Chamber of Communications lays out several ways the Andean nation -- among... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

3 Recommendations for Colombia’s Fight Against Cyber Crime

A Peruvian port on Lake Titicaca
In response to new measures meant to fight illegal mining in Peru, smugglers are reportedly moving... ReadLeer
/ Gold

Peru’s Illegal Miners Trafficking Gold to Bolivia

Police in Ecuador have received significant investment
According to Ecuador's Interior Ministry, by the end of 2014 the Andean country's national homicide... ReadLeer
/ Ecuador

‘Ecuador Murders at 20-Year Low’

Salvadoran drug trafficker "Repollo" (right)
The well-connected Salvadoran drug trafficker alias "Repollo" has been sentenced to 77 years in... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Powerful El Salvador Kingpin ‘Repollo’ Gets 77 Years