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Armed forces say they've halted drug flights through Honduras, prompting cautious optimism about... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

No More Drug Flights Through Honduras: Military

The German couple allegedly killed by the EPP
Paraguay's EPP guerrillas allegedly kidnapped and murdered a German couple, a move that will likely... ReadLeer

Paraguay Guerrillas Kill German Farmers, Escalating Conflict

More than ten families abandon their homes, fleeing the threat of massacre from Barrio 18. A man... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

Under the Gaze of Police, Residents Flee El Salvador Gangs

Abusive security forces, weak and corrupt justice systems and inhuman prison conditions are... ReadLeer
/ Human Rights

HRW Rails Against LatAm’s Justice Failings in New Report

In Brazil, 42,000 young people -- the majority non-white males -- will die violently between 2013... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Brazil Govt Faces Up to Spiraling Youth Homicides

School director Jose Luis Hernandez Rivera
The director of the rural teachers' college in southwest Mexico attended by 43 students missing... ReadLeer
/ Ayotzinapa

School Director’s Implication is Latest Iguala Case Twist

The US-Mexico border region is a hotspot for violence
Many of Latin America's border regions are historically neglected by the state and prone to all... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Latin America’s Top 5 Most Dangerous Border Regions

The church belonging to alleged drug trafficker "Gringo"
A series of recently published photos -- showing churches owned by alleged drug traffickers in... ReadLeer
/ NarcoCulture

A Look at Paraguay’s Narco-Churches

Investigators at the alleged crime scene
Authorities in Mexico have presented the conclusions of their investigation into the 43 missing... ReadLeer
/ Ayotzinapa

Mexico Wraps Up Iguala Investigation Amid Widespread Doubts

El Salvador gang leaders confirmed that they have agreed amongst themselves to reduce violence,... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

El Salvador Gang Leaders Confirm Truce

Former Sinaloa Cartel operative turned informant, Margarito Flores
Two former Sinaloa Cartel operatives turned informants have received reduced prison sentences in... ReadLeer
/ El Chapo

Sinaloa Cartel Informants Receive Reduced Prison Sentence in Chicago

Maritime drug trafficking is reportedly on the rise
In her book Mares de Cocaina (Seas of Cocaine), author Ana Lilia Perez explores how and... ReadLeer
/ Caribbean

What Is Driving Maritime Drug Trafficking in LatAm?