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Knights Templar leader Servando “La Tuta” Gomez, who was arrested by Mexican authorities today,... ReadLeer
/ Knights Templar

How La Tuta’s Video Showmanship Set Him Apart in Mexico

Waldemar Lorenzana prior to his extradition
The story of the precipitous fall of Guatemala's once-feared drug trafficker Waldemar Lorenzana may... ReadLeer
/ Extradition

Guatemala Drug Trafficker Waldemar Lorenzana May Have Alzheimer’s

The capture of yet another high-level target -- this time Servando Gomez, alias "La Tuta," the... ReadLeer
/ Knights Templar

Mexico Captures ‘La Tuta’ but Michoacan Struggles On

Police are on the trail of Urabeños leaders
News that the captured "political chief" of the Urabeños had been seeking a peace process with the... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia’s Peace Talks and the Urabeños’ Exit Strategy

The Honduran govt has denounced corruption in La Ceiba
A government audit of a property registry office in a city in northern Honduras has found the... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Honduras Property Registry Laundered Org Crime Cash

A new report indicates Colombia's largest guerrilla group the FARC has changed its operations,... ReadLeer

Prospect of Peace in Colombia Changing FARC Operations

Argentine federal judge Claudio Bonadio
A federal judge in Argentina has criticized the effectiveness of federal police in the fight... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Argentina Judge Criticizes Federal Police’s Drugs Inaction

It's Honduras' industrial capital and second most important city. Nevertheless, national and... ReadLeer
/ Displacement

Images of Displacement in Honduras’ Most Violent City

Marijuana use has been decriminalized in Jamaica
Jamaica has finally approved legislation to decriminalize marijuana possession and legalize its use... ReadLeer
/ Caribbean

Jamaica Joins Ranks of LatAm Countries Decriminalizing Marijuana

A recent analysis on the relationship between local drug markets and violence and crime in Colombia... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Report Illustrates Dynamics of Colombia’s Domestic Drug Trade

Tomas de Merlo's Jesus before Caiaphas
Officials in Guatemala have captured two men accused of belonging to a criminal ring that stole a... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

Guatemala Nabs Art Thieves but Paintings Disappear into Black Market

Police seize a house in Colombia
Colombia has seized over $440 million in the first two months of 2015 as part of an aggressive... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia On Track for New Asset Seizure Record