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Bolivia plans to create a new law aimed at tackling corruption within the national police force,... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Bolivia to Launch Police Corruption Law

Fears of insecurity in Mexico's Guerrero state are reportedly pushing businesses both large and... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Insecurity Shuts Down Businesses in Guerrero, Mexico

A press conference announces PNC arrests
Adding to an already long list of corruption scandals in Guatemala, authorities have dismantled an... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Arrests of Police Officials Latest Scandal to Hit Guatemala

Child migrants on top of a freight train
The number of Central American child migrants detained in Mexico increased by nearly 50 percent... ReadLeer
/ Displacement

Surge of Detainees in Mexico Suggests Violence Still Fueling Child Migration

Colombian police identifying members of the Urabeños
The United States has unsealed indictments against over a dozen alleged leaders of the Urabeños, a... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Who Are the Urabeños Leaders Indicted by the US?

A former government advisor has asserted that corrupt officials have allowed a Peruvian-run... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

‘Argentine Officials Complicit in Cocaine Lab Ring’

A new investigative report calls into question whether recent violence in El Salvador is mainly the... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

Report: Few El Salvador Homicides Involve Gang Members

"The biggest headache is getting the men to walk away from certain things," says Adenike... ReadLeer
/ Caribbean

Fighting Phone Scams, Violence in Jamaica

Miguel Angel Alfaro, alias "El Flaco"
In a case that exemplifies why the Urabeños remain Colombia's pre-eminent drug trafficking... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia to Extradite Suspected Urabeños-Zetas Middleman

The controversy over a new, proposed security tax highlights the deep divides over what path El... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

El Salvador Proposed Security Tax Stirs Controversy

"The great green macaw is extinct in the wild. It only exists in captivity now," says Fernando... ReadLeer
/ Environmental Crime

Inside Guatemala’s Animal Trafficking Trade

Demands to combat illegal cattle trafficking in Nicaragua are growing
Nicaragua's government is facing growing calls to combat illegal livestock trafficking, an activity... ReadLeer
/ Contraband

Cattle Rustling A Growing Concern in Nicaragua