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Welcome to InSight Crime's Game Changers 2015, where we highlight the year's most important trends... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

InSight Crime Game Changers 2015 – The Year of Corruption and Organized Crime

Children at a crime scene in Mexico
The almost unimaginable violence and shocking murder rates that turned Ciudad Juarez into the most... ReadLeer
/ Human Rights

In ‘Postwar’ Ciudad Juarez, Children are Still in Serious Danger

Revista Factum has obtained access to emails written by the businessman Jose Aquiles Enrique Rais... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Courting El Salvador’s Puppet Master

A new barrier to Latin American integration has emerged in northern Chile. People who wish to reach... ReadLeer
/ Chile

How Violence, Crime Drives Migration from Colombia to Chile

A solider stands guard at a school
In Acapulco, Mexico, access to school grounds is limited, and children share the playground with... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

In Acapulco Schools, Math is Hard; Gunfights are Harder

In this article, the role of El Salvador Attorney General Luis Martinez in obstructing... ReadLeer
/ Chepe Diablo

Did El Salvador’s Attorney General Protect ‘Chepe Diablo’?

Low income housing in Mexico
A new study by the Inter-American Development Bank finds that violence disproportionately affects... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

How Crime Affects Mexico’s Housing Prices

Militia members in Mexico
This article explores the security and political effects of militia forces that emerged in Mexico... ReadLeer
/ Knights Templar

Militias in Mexico: Citizens’ Security or Further Conflict Escalation?

Guerrero resident Guadalupe Contreras
Once silenced by fear, the families of some 400 victims who have been forcibly disappeared in and... ReadLeer
/ Ayotzinapa

The ‘Bloodhounds’ Searching for Mass Graves in Guerrero, Mexico

The aid package follows a spike in Central American migration to the US border
The United States Congress included $750 million for the Northern Triangle countries in its annual... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

5 Takeaways from US Congress Northern Triangle Aid Package

Former AUC chief Salvatore Mancuso
The Colombian Supreme Court has absolved a former paramilitary leader of drug trafficking charges,... ReadLeer

Prosecution Gaffe Absolves Colombia Paramilitary of Drug Trafficking

Marlon James' novel, A Brief History of Seven Killings
One suspects that Marlon James didn’t set out to write a definitive account of Caribbean gang life... ReadLeer
/ Jamaica

Acclaimed Novel Offers Illuminating Portrayal of Jamaica’s Gangs