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A crime scene in Venezuela
The recent massacre of 12 youths in Venezuela is widely suspected to have been perpetrated by... ReadLeer
/ Security Policy

Venezuela Massacre Highlights Sweeping Security Force Violence

Prosecutors in Lima observing a minute of silence for their murdered colleague.
Judiciary officials in Peru have demanded increased protection from authorities following the... ReadLeer
/ Peru

Peru Prosecutor’s Murder Underscores Threats to Judiciary

Former Veracruz Gov. Javier Duarte
New details have surfaced relating to the alleged embezzlement of fugitive former Veracruz Gov.... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

New Embezzlement Allegations Against Fugitive Fmr Mexico Governor

Throughout the continent, the debate on whether or not the Mara Salvatrucha (MS13) gang is working... ReadLeer
/ Knights Templar

How the MS13 Got Its Foothold in Transnational Drug Trafficking

Police officers in El Salvador
Numerous sources told Al Jazeera that the authorities' inability to reduce crime in El Salvador has... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Lack of State Control Credited With Rise of El Salvador Death Squad

Colombia's prisons are at 154% of capacity
A report by Colombia's Comptroller General details the state's failure to control runaway... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Report Slams Colombia’s Failure to Control Prison Overcrowding

Courtroom at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights
An international human rights court will see its first case of a forced disappearance related to... ReadLeer
/ Human Rights

Mexico Human Rights Case Brings Drug War to International Court

Argentina’s anti-money laundering prosecutor, Gabriel Pérez Barberá.
Official data from Argentina's Attorney General's Office indicates that more than a third of money... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

A Third of Argentina Money Laundering Cases Linked to Drug Trafficking

El Salvador recorded 11,229 gun thefts since 2010
More than four guns were stolen every day in El Salvador over the last six years, according to a... ReadLeer
/ Arms Trafficking

Stolen Guns Fuel El Salvador Black Market for Arms

Violence in Mexico on the rise
Perceptions of insecurity in Mexico have worsened year on year, and more people than ever since the... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Perceptions of Security Worsen for Average Mexicans: Poll

Cali is Colombia's most violent city
A new analysis of 15 years of homicide statistics in Colombia's most violent city, Cali, highlights... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Report Breaks Down 15 Years of Bloodshed in Colombia’s Murder Capital

Peru's coca eradication figures seem far too high in certain areas
At first glance, estimates of Peru's coca cultivation and eradication figures simply don't add up,... ReadLeer
/ Coca

Challenging the Cocaine Figures, Part III: Peru