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Pope Francis warned of increased drug consumption in Argentina.
Pope Francis has voiced his concern about the evolution of the illegal drug trade in Argentina,... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Pope Francis Warns of Increasing Drug Consumption in Argentina

Costa Rican and Honduran authorities busted a transnational drug ring allegedly involving over a... ReadLeer
/ Costa Rica

Bust of Transnational Drug Ring Follows Honduras Kingpin’s Capture

CICIG Comissioner Iván Velásquez
The commissioner of Guatemala's internationally backed anti-impunity body said that authorities... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Guatemala’s CICIG Says More Big Corruption Cases to Come

Militarization in Latin America -- a regional trend
A new law up for debate in Mexico's lower house proposes to expand and regulate the role of the... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Proposed Law in Mexico Could Expand Military Role in Drug War

President Santos and alias 'Timochenko' at the signing ceremony
Colombia's government and rebel group the FARC have signed a revised peace deal, as the two sides... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Peace Deal Signed in Colombia as Threat of FARC Fragmentation Looms Large

Captured drug trafficking suspect Juan Abraham Leguía Manzur
A suspected drug trafficker named earlier this year on Peru’s list of most wanted fugitives has... ReadLeer
/ Dominican Republic

‘Most Wanted’ Peru Drug Trafficker Captured in Dominican Republic

Scene of murder of federal judge in Mexico
Judges in Mexico have opened up about the intimidation they face from criminal groups, illustrating... ReadLeer
/ Judicial Reform

Mexico Judges Admit to Feeling Intimidated by Criminal Groups

The protagonists in "The Queen of the South" and "The Lord of the Skies"
The growing backlash against Mexican soap operas revolving around the drug trade and its... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Mexico’s Narco Soap Operas Do More Than Just Glorify Drug Trade

Pemex employees repairing an oil pipeline
Barely one out of every ten cases of reported oil theft in Mexico is presented before a judge, a... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Oil Theft Spikes in Mexico, While Impunity Remains Widespread

Wilter Neptalí Blanco Ruíz
The alleged head of one of the most powerful drug trafficking groups in Honduras has been captured... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Alleged Honduras Kingpin Wanted by US Captured in Costa Rica

Detained human rights attorney Luiz Carlos dos Santos
More than 30 lawyers in Brazil have been arrested for their alleged links to one of the country's... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Dozens of Brazil Lawyers Accused of Aiding Gang Activities

FARC members at the guerrillas' 10th conference in September 2016
Top officials in Colombia have recognized a phenomenon that has become increasingly apparent to... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Santos Recognizes Criminal Groups are Moving Into FARC Areas