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Bolivia’s Attorney General Ramiro Guerrero.
Authorities in Bolivia say they have dismissed 60 prosecutors for corruption this year, a sign that... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Dozens of Bolivia Prosecutors Dismissed for Corruption

Two FARC members were recently killed in Bolívar department, Colombia
Two FARC guerrillas have reportedly been killed by soldiers in Colombia in the first publicly... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Two FARC Guerrillas Killed in First Reported Violation of Colombia Ceasefire

El Salvador police with detained gang members
Authorities in El Salvador say the MS13 is responsible for the eruption of violence against police... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

El Salvador Authorities Blame MS13 for Surge in Killings of Police

Colombia's cocaine production and seizure statistics seem misleading
Colombia has seized a record amount of cocaine in 2016, which according to official statistics... ReadLeer
/ Coca

Challenging the Cocaine Figures, Part II: Colombia

Bolivia's prisons are extremely overcrowded
A new report details some of the problems facing Bolivia's prison system, and examines some of the... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Report Highlights Overcrowding, Other Problems in Bolivia Prisons

Meditation has helped bring violence levels down among inmates in Mexico's Apodaca prison
A meditation technique has been praised for pacifying what was once among Mexico's most violent... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

How Meditation Reduced Violence in a Mexico Prison

Horses recovered by authorities in El Salvador
Authorities in El Salvador have arrested 39 alleged members of the MS13 for planning to sell 5,600... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Alleged MS13 Members in El Salvador Caught Selling Illicit Horse Meat

Much of Panama's illegal mining occurs in remote areas
Panama's forest areas are seeing a growth in illegal mining, raising the question of which criminal... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Which Colombia Crime Groups Run Illegal Mining in Panama?

Estimates on Bolivia's cocaine production could be misleading
Recent statistics from Bolivia provide mixed outlooks on how much cocaine the country is producing.... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Challenging the Cocaine Figures, Part I: Bolivia

A Pucará fighter from Argentina’s diminished air force.
Argentine authorities claim that an average of 40 drug flights departing from Bolivia cross the... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Drug Flights Cross From Bolivia to Argentina Daily: Officials

The presidents of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, from left to right
The Northern Triangle countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras will launch a tri-national... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Northern Triangle Deploys Tri-National Force to Combat Gangs

Military police in São Paulo.
A policy initiative in Brazil aimed at expediting justice in homicide cases resulted instead in the... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Brazil Authorities Simply Closed Thousands of Unsolved Murder Cases