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The FARC's 57th Front is active along the Colombia-Panama border, where it has long used the dense... ReadLeer
/ Panama

FARC 57th Front in Panama

Investigators raid Honduras' Security Ministry
Authorities in Honduras are investigating legal officials who allegedly accepted bribes to wipe... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Honduras Police Purge Turns to Lawyers Who Wiped Records

Ex-President of El Salvador Elías Antonio Saca González
New details have emerged about the embezzlement and money laundering case against former El... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Institutions Complicit in Alleged Embezzlement by Fmr El Salvador President

The Miami apartment where Morales alleged held his victims
The case of a sex trafficking ring that ensnared Cuban women in prostitution in Miami suggests... ReadLeer
/ Cuba

Sex Traffickers Cash in on Surge of Cuban Migrants to US

Leading presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
Aside from near constant talk of building "a wall" along the Mexican border and sporadic mention of... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Two Candidates, Six Issues, and a Region Ignored

Interior Minister Carlos Basombrío
Peru has reformed its laws pertaining to organized crime in a context of growing public concern... ReadLeer
/ Judicial Reform

Peru Organized Crime Reforms May Be Missing the Mark

Marlon Francesco Monroy Meoño, alias "El Fantasma"
Guatemala has extradited to the United States an alleged drug trafficker suspected of being at the... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Extradition of ‘Ghost’ to US Could Haunt Guatemala Elites

Paraguay River
A report has mapped how marijuana is trafficked through Paraguay and Argentina via thousands of... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Mapping Paraguay’s Marijuana Trail

Mexican cultural artifacts
Mexico has had poor results in recuperating stolen cultural antiquities. There are deficiencies in... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Only a Fraction of Mexico’s Stolen Cultural Antiquities Are Recovered

Over one in 10 Colombians are allegedly involved in illegal activities
Official estimates suggest that 11 percent of Colombia's population is allegedly involved in... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Are More Than 5 Mn Colombians Involved in Illegal Activities?

Burning vehicles following the ambush of Mexican military in Culiacán on September 30.
Recent reports point to disorder within the leadership of Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel, as pressure from... ReadLeer
/ El Chapo

Outside Pressure, Internal Dissent Roiling Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel

The UN Human Rights Council
The United Nations has sharply criticized the heavy-handed policing tactics used in Venezuela,... ReadLeer
/ Human Rights

UN Body Slams Venezuela for Security Force Abuses