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Camilo Barrera, arrested for buying weapons stolen from Venezuela’s military for the EPL
Authorities in Colombia arrested an alleged intermediary of the EPL rebel group in charge of... ReadLeer
/ Arms Trafficking

Colombia Arrest of EPL Middleman Shows Booming Venezuela Arms Market

MS13 graffiti
A breakaway faction of El Salvador's MS13 gang has reportedly been the source of increasing... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Tensions Rise over Dissident MS13 Faction in El Salvador

The ELN's peace talks risk falling on deaf ears
Colombia's government has admitted that a key ELN faction is opposed to the peace process. But... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia Army Says Powerful ELN Bloc Opposed to Peace

FARC dissidents could reignite a political conflict
A statement apparently authored by dissident fronts of Colombia's FARC suggests some guerrillas... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

FARC Dissidence Could Grow Amid Missteps in Peace Deal Implementation

Dominican Republic police guard seized drugs
In our April 27 Facebook Live session, Co-director Jeremy McDermott spoke with Senior Editor Mike... ReadLeer
/ Caribbean

Weekly InSight: The Dominican Republic, the Caribbean’s Cocaine Bridge

Bolivia's Vice Minister of Citizen Security, Juan Carlos Aparicio
Recent actions carried out in Bolivia by Brazil's two most powerful prison gangs indicate these... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Arrests Suggest Brazilian Gangs Are Deepening Presence in Bolivia

US President Donald Trump
The United States is planning massive cuts to foreign aid that could potentially have a negative... ReadLeer
/ Security Policy

Planned Cuts to US Foreign Aid Could Harm Security in LatAm

Venezuela’s National Assembly will investigate the role of colectivos in recent protests
Venezuela's National Assembly launched a commission to investigate the role of government-backed... ReadLeer
/ Colectivos

Venezuela National Assembly Targets Pro-Govt ‘Colectivos’

Urban violence in Colombia is highly concentrated
A new report by a leading Colombian think tank maps the concentration of homicides in the country's... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Mapping of Colombia Homicide Data Reflects Regional Dynamics

Example of self defense group in Michoacán
A self-defense group operating in a rural community of El Salvador is asking for formal legal... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

El Salvador Self-Defense Group Poses Potential Security Concerns

Pablo Escobar, leader of the Medellín Cartel
A former associate of Pablo Escobar was killed in Colombia's second-largest city, leading to... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Former Pablo Escobar Associate Killed in Medellín, Colombia

Nearly 20 gang members arrested last week in New York City were of Dominican descent.
Authorities say the majority of some 20 gang members detained in the Bronx neighborhood of New York... ReadLeer
/ Caribbean

Arrests Highlight Role of Dominican Crime Groups in International Drug Trade