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President Donald Trump used his first State of the Union Address to blame the expansion and... ReadLeer
/ Criminal Migration

Why Trump is Wrong to Blame Migration for MS13 Expansion, Violence

Cigarettes manufactured by a firm belonging to the family of Paraguay's president have once again... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Arrests Again Point to Paraguay President’s Contraband Cigarettes

Colombian authorities have reported that Mexican cartels are attempting to establish themselves in... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Mexican Cartels in Colombia: Setting Up Shop or Seeking New Partners?

Authorities in Argentina say increased vigilance and enforcement has caused a spike in the use of... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

3 (Other) Reasons Why Drug Traffickers Might Be Turning to ‘Mules’ in Argentina

In a sign of waning confidence in the negotiations that could lead to their unraveling, Colombia's... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

ELN Peace Talks Unraveling as Post-Ceasefire Violence Continues

Authorities are blaming FARC dissidents for a car bomb near the Colombia-Ecuador border, a sign... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Car Bomb a Hint that Colombia’s Guerrilla Tactics Spreading to Ecuador

Venezuela’s continued spiral into economic, political and social crisis and the demobilization... ReadLeer
/ Colectivos

Shifting Criminal Dynamics Signal Violent Future for Colombia-Venezuela Border

A criminal group allied with Brazil’s First Capital Command was allegedly behind the massacre of... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Massacre in Northern Brazil Points to PCC’s Continued Expansion

Organized crime-related homicides reached a record high in Mexico in 2017, according to a recent... ReadLeer
/ Homicides

Study: 2017 Was Deadliest Year in Mexico for Homicides Linked to Organized Crime

New corruption and impunity allegations emerging on the eve of the inauguration of Honduras... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Corruption and Impunity Allegations Seed Doubts for Second Term of Honduras President

In our January 25 Facebook Live session, InSight Crime Co-Director Jeremy McDermott and Senior... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Weekly InSight: GameChangers in Latin America Organized Crime in 2017

An appeals court in Brazil has upheld the conviction on corruption charges of former President... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Brazil Ex-President’s Conviction Upheld, But System Still Favors Elites