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A dispute over the legitimacy of an independent anti-corruption body in Guatemala has landed in... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

US Congressional Hearing Is Latest Play Against CICIG in Guatemala

Following the explosive revelation of US drug charges against a guerrilla fighter turned politician... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Amid Colombia Peace Deal Shake-Up, Second FARC Leader Targeted: Report

In our April 26 Facebook Live session, Senior Investigator Ángela Olaya and Spanish Editor Ronna... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Weekly InSight: Arrests, Controversy Threaten Colombia-FARC Peace Deal

The selection process for the new attorney general in Honduras is already causing concern among... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Anti-Corruption Fight at Stake in Honduras Attorney General Selection

A network of identity traffickers in Honduras may have sold forged documents to hundreds of... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Honduras Criminals Feed Migrants’ Growing Demand for Forged Documents

A US court handed down an 11-year sentence to a former "cocaine cowboy" whose brother is currently... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

After Working With CIA, Old-School ‘Cocaine Cowboys’ Face US Justice

The announcement by a FARC party heavyweight that he would not take a senatorial seat he was... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

FARC Leader Turns Back on Congress, Further Jeopardizing Peace

Jamaica security forces are being sent back into a neighborhood where the recent withdrawal of a... ReadLeer
/ Caribbean

Jamaica Brings Back Security Force Occupation as Violence Rises

The recent arrest of a Guatemalan army colonel for allegedly laundering money for the MS13 shows... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Arrest of Colonel With MS13 Ties Reveals Sophisticated Gang Tactics

On April 9, a court in the province of Santa Fé in Argentina sentenced leaders of the criminal... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Monos Case Shows Strength, Weakness of Argentina Justice: Prosecutor

Mexico's voters eager for practical solutions to tackle the country's record-high homicide rate... ReadLeer
/ Homicides

Four Takeaways From Mexico’s Presidential Debate

In our April 19 Facebook Live session, Investigator Felipe Puerta and Managing Editor Josefina... ReadLeer
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Weekly InSight: The Story Behind the Finalists for Attorney General in Guatemala