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New data in Guatemala has revealed that almost half of all extortion phone calls originate from a... ReadLeer
/ Extortion

Half of Extortion Calls in Guatemala Are Made from One Prison

Juan Orlando Hernández, presidente de Honduras
The Honduran Congress has advised President Juan Orlando Hernández not to renew the mandate of the... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

What Fate Awaits MACCIH in Honduras?

A series of marijuana seizures reported over the last few months, highlight the magnitude of the... ReadLeer
/ Caribbean

Jamaica Can’t Shake Status As US’ Top Marijuana Provider

Before the call dropped, Bexy learned the hazardous details of Manuel’s journey. Desperate to... ReadLeer
/ Cocaine

The Ecuador Fishermen Snatched Away by US Drug Warriors

Mercury contamination caused by illegal mining in Colombia's Amazon is threatening the welfare of... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Illegal Mining Behind Mercury Contamination Harming Colombia’s Indigenous

The director of a maximum-security prison in Honduras was brazenly murdered in broad daylight, in... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Landmark US Drug Trial Leaves Bloody Trail in Honduras

Authorities in Peru are investigating possible links between family clans dedicated to drug... ReadLeer
/ Cocaine

Senior Police Linked to Family Drug Clans in Peru’s VRAEM

Venezuela is using “invisible” tankers to secretly export its oil reserves, enabling a renewed... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Tankers Go Dark to Help Venezuela Evade Oil Sanctions

Authorities have uncovered that an eastern coastal region of Guatemala, known to be a cocaine... ReadLeer
/ Contraband

Jade: New Crown Jewel for Crime Groups in Guatemala

While eco-trafficking in Costa Rica has largely been associated with turtles, recent raids have... ReadLeer
/ Costa Rica

Butterflies, Beetles and Spiders: Costa Rica’s Smaller Eco-trafficking Targets

The seizure of an Italian oil supply vessel by pirates in the Gulf of Mexico in November, in which... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Gulf of Mexico Oil Industry Reeling From Hundreds of Pirate Attacks in 2019

US authorities have arrested the former top security official in Mexico during the administration... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Mexico’s Former Top Security Official Indicted on US Drug Charges