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A recent prison crackdown in Brazil has sparked a violent response from the country’s most... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Brazil Clampdown on Gang-Controlled Prisons Unlikely to Succeed

Is it just me or does Nicolas Maduro look a lot like Saddam Hussein? After US intervention in Iraq,... ReadLeer
/ Cartel de los Soles

Op-Ed: Venezuela – Latin America’s Iraq?

While he cracks down on gangs, the president of Honduras has largely ignored drug trafficking... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Honduras President Selective When Targeting Criminal Crackdowns

With a well-known route through the Southern Cone decimated and authorities combing the Caribbean... ReadLeer
/ Coca

Pacific Drug Routes From South America More Popular Than Atlantic

Killings by police in Brazil's Rio de Janeiro nearly doubled in January 2019 when compared to the... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Police Exercise License to Kill in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro

When Colombian President Iván Duque announced his new security plan, he told the media that... ReadLeer
/ Coca

A Blast from the Past: The Duque Security Plan for Colombia

Authorities in the United States have filed drug trafficking charges against the sons of recently... ReadLeer
/ El Chapo

El Chapo’s Sons, ‘Los Chapitos,’ Next Target for US Authorities

The former head of Venezuela’s military intelligence service has revealed some key details that... ReadLeer
/ Cartel de los Soles

Key Criminal Revelations From Former Venezuela Intelligence Chief

A judge lowered the sentence of a convicted Guatemalan drug trafficker in a US court on February... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

A Guatemala Drug Trafficking Chapter Ends in the US

A Florida gun shop owner was recently convicted for trafficking firearms to Haiti with the help of... ReadLeer
/ Arms Trafficking

Haiti Police, Senator Implicated in US Arms Trafficking Case

It is straight to business for El Salvador’s president-elect Nayib Bukele as he faces... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

The Top Three Security Challenges Facing El Salvador’s President-Elect Nayib Bukele

Oil theft in Honduras has been a reliable source of income for gangs for years, but the recovery... ReadLeer
/ Contraband

Honduras Oil Theft Sees Renewed Attention for Old Crime