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Most corruption cases in Argentina never reach the courts
A conflict between federal prosecutors and judges overseeing high-level corruption cases in... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Could an Argentina Version of CICIG Fix its Corruption Woes?

Cocaine seizures along Paraguay’s border with Bolivia have tripled, bolstering fears that this... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Drug Seizures Spike Along Paraguay’s Border With Bolivia

A powerful FARC dissident front is fortifying its presence in the southwestern department of... ReadLeer
/ Cocaine

Ex-FARC Mafia’s 1st Front Close to Controlling Colombia’s Putumayo

A new report has found that a sustained reduction in homicides in Honduras has led to a decrease in... ReadLeer
/ Homicides

Honduras Drop in Homicides One Part of Complex Security Situation

Chilean officials conspired to bring hundreds of Chinese migrants into the country illegally,... ReadLeer
/ Chile

Chile Facing Human Trafficking Influx from China

The reopening of a major Colombia-Venezuela border crossing is an important step to stop... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia-Venezuela Border Reopens, But Hidden Trails Still Hotspots

The kidnapping and murder of a university student has sparked broad concern about a rise in... ReadLeer
/ Kidnapping

Rise in Targeted Kidnappings Cause for Concern in Mexico City

US tobacco giant Philip Morris has shut down its two factories in Colombia partly because of... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia Flooded with Black Market Cigarettes

Brazilian national Jarvis Chimenes Pavão rose to become one of South America’s most prominent... ReadLeer
/ Paraguay

Jarvis Chimenes Pavão, alias “The Drug Kingpin”

Tension is brewing among small farmers in a notorious poppy-growing region in Mexico over delivery... ReadLeer
/ Heroin

Small Farmers Hurting in Mexico’s Poppy Growing Heartland

A new type of "pranato," or prison boss, is flourishing inside Venezuelan police stations, where... ReadLeer
/ Human Rights

Riots and Violence Overwhelm Venezuela’s Police Stations

Mexico crime groups are targeting Australia, where high methamphetamine prices are attracting... ReadLeer
/ Featured

Mexico-Australia Meth Connection Reveals Fresh Crime Dynamics