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The arrest of two US Marines on migrant smuggling charges raises concerns that criminal groups... ReadLeer
/ Human Smuggling

US Troops Tempted by Fast Money from Migrant Smuggling

Forensic examiners recovering bodies from mass graves in remote terrain has become commonplace... ReadLeer
/ Human Rights

Walled Inside Homes, Corpses of Mexico’s Disappeared Evade Authorities

Venezuela is collecting airport taxes through an application that converts these funds into... ReadLeer
/ Money Laundering

Have Cryptocurrencies Really Helped Venezuela Sidestep US Sanctions?

Urabeños paramilitaries and ELN guerrillas clash in Chocó
Colombia’s homicide rate has risen for the first time in a decade, reflecting renewed conflicts... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Bitter Fight for Former FARC Areas Drives Surge in Colombia Homicides

The sinking of a small boat heading from Venezuela to Curaçao and the disappearance of all the... ReadLeer
/ Caribbean

Suspicious Venezuela Shipwreck Reveals Drug Route to Dutch Caribbean

Officials within the agency entrusted with protecting Bolivia's forests falsified data and provided... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Bolivia Forestry Officials Profit from Harvest of Illegal Wood

Álex Saab is a Colombian businessman known for making million dollar deals with the Venezuelan... ReadLeer
/ Venezuela Personalities

Álex Saab

Authorities in Colombia have arrested an infamous former paramilitary warlord after he returned to... ReadLeer

A Former Warlord is Back in Colombia, Will His Drug Trafficking Empire Follow?

Honduras has created an elite force to keep tabs on former police officers purged from the security... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Honduras Police Purge May Be Derailed by Alternative Agenda

New figures have revealed the full extent of how violence has displaced hundreds of thousands of... ReadLeer
/ Displacement

Will Officials Finally Admit Scale of Mexico’s Forced Displacement Crisis?

Street gangs in Honduras are forcing transport workers to participate in extortion rackets,... ReadLeer
/ Extortion

Honduras Gangs Turn to Bus Workers to Collect Extortion Fees

The brutal murder of a Brazilian drug trafficker seemingly carried out by a Paraguayan gang has... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Paraguay’s Underworld Fighting Back Against PCC in Brazil