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The discovery of a narco-submarine in Spain has raised questions about where and how these vessels... ReadLeer
/ Cocaine

Legend of Colombia’s Narco-Subs Reaching Europe Becomes Reality

Police officers on patrol in Guatemala came under fire as they investigated colleagues for... ReadLeer
/ Extortion

Cops Battle Their Own As Extortion Spikes in Guatemala

Oil theft cases in Costa have hit record levels in 2019 and increased nearly six fold in the past... ReadLeer
/ Costa Rica

Costa Rica Oil Theft Reaches Record High in 2019

Containers are prime targets of crime groups
Authorities in Argentina are prosecuting 48 customs officials accused of leading an elaborate... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Argentina Customs ‘Mafia’ Earns Millions From China Imports

An attack on a police station in the municipality of Santander de Quilichao, located in the... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Dagoberto Ramos Mobile Column Blamed for Cauca Bombing, Other Colombia Attacks

In an unprecedented move, authorities in Brazil have requested the extradition of former Paraguay... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Brazil Eyes Extradition of Former Paraguay President for Money Laundering

In the northern Venezuela state home to the city of Maracaibo, gangs are taking an extremely... ReadLeer
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Gangs Launch Grenades at Shops in Zulia, Venezuela

The dismantling of an international drug trafficking organization led by a powerful Mexican cartel... ReadLeer
/ Cocaine

Bogotá Raid Shows Importance of Mexico Cartels for Colombian Coca

Gerald’s rise to becoming one of the most notorious drug traffickers Ecuador has produced to date... ReadLeer
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Treasure, Corruption and Legal Machinations – Gerald’s Legacy in Ecuador

A new investigation has revealed that dozens of high-level criminals in Colombia have  obtained... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia Criminals Confuse Authorities with False Identities

The recent arrest of a purported Brazilian criminal gang boss, as well as a number of... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Capture of Levi Felicio on the Brazil-Paraguay Border Raises Uncertainties

The police in the state of Buenos Aires has faced many corruption allegations
On April 10, 2018 in the Argentine city of Rosario, a man named Ramón Ezequiel Machuca was... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Narcops: How Police and Drug Dealers Collude in Argentina