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An index looking at the ability of Latin American countries to combat corruption has highlighted... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

New Index Finds Corruption Worsening Across Latin America

Miners in Peru have skirted coronavirus mobility restrictions to return to Madre de Dios -- an... ReadLeer
/ Gold

Soaring Gold Prices During Pandemic Fuel Peru’s Illegal Mining

The Honduran congress has passed a new criminal code which, among other controversial elements,... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Honduras’ New Criminal Code Will Help Impunity Prosper

In May 2019, Colombian President Iván Duque vowed to end Los Pachenca, stating that this was a... ReadLeer
/ Cocaine

Los Pachenca Holding On in Northern Colombia After Leader’s Death

The ambush of Mexico City's police chief by heavily armed gunmen has been described by authorities... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Attempt to Kill Mexico City’s Top Cop Puts Jalisco Cartel in Crossfire

A drop of 15,000 hectares of coca crops in Colombia made no difference in reducing cocaine... ReadLeer
/ Coca

Drop in Coca Crops, Increase in Colombian Cocaine

As part of his work in human rights, transitional justice and prison reform, Michael Reed has been... ReadLeer
/ Chile

What are the Signs a Latin American Prison Is Working or Not?

While a guilty plea for money laundering by a decorated University of Miami professor continues to... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

The Professor and the Fixer: How a Colombian Middleman Got a Crime Specialist to Launder Money

A series of assassinations of high-profile public figures in Colima marks the latest manifestation... ReadLeer
/ Homicides

Why One of Mexico’s Smallest States Is Also Its Most Violent

The pace of eco-trafficking in Latin America does not appear to have slowed under the coronavirus... ReadLeer
/ Coronavirus and Organized Crime

Coronavirus Has Not Slowed Looting of Latin America’s Maritime Species

Criminal gangs in Jamaica and Haiti are engaged in a deadly trade: the exchange of marijuana for... ReadLeer
/ Arms Trafficking

Jamaica and Haiti Swap Drugs and Guns

Irregular armed groups in Colombia have ramped up their recruiting of poor young people, who find... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Armed Groups in Colombia Target Children Amid Pandemic