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Rio de Janeiro’s Governor Wilson Witzel has been suspended for allegedly running a corruption... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Governor In, Governor Out – All Normal in Rio de Janeiro

The systematic recruiting of minors continues to be a favorite strategy for non-state armed actors... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

How Colombia’s Lockdown Created Ideal Conditions for Child Recruitment

Released in August, the six-part Netflix documentary “Immigration Nation” goes behind the... ReadLeer
/ Criminal Migration

Netflix’s ‘Immigration Nation’ – How Criminals and Companies Exploit Migration

The recent arrests of MS13 gang members in El Salvador accused of committing brutal murders in US... ReadLeer
/ Criminal Migration

MS13 East Coast Violence Fails to Consolidate Gang’s US Presence

The Colombian government has blamed drug trafficking for three massacres in the south of the... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

More Than Drug Trafficking Drives Violence in Colombia’s Nariño

A Guatemala political operator accused of taking millions in bribes has surrendered after four... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Fugitive’s Return Promises New Graft Revelations in Guatemala

Both Venezuela and the United States are advancing legal cases against former officials from Citgo,... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Corruption Charges at Venezuela’s US Oil Subsidiary Fuel Tensions

On August 9, the website on which the El Salvador government publishes all of the country's... ReadLeer
/ Coronavirus and Organized Crime

Corruption Cries Mount Over Pandemic Spending in El Salvador

Authorities in the Netherlands are discovering more cocaine processing facilities, but the... ReadLeer
/ Cocaine

Arrests, Seizures Show Colombians Processing Cocaine in Europe

Rotela Clan is a criminal group run by the Rotela family in Paraguay. It was originally specialized... ReadLeer
/ Paraguay Groups

Rotela Clan

Authorities in Mexico have recently seized large quantities of fentanyl and precursor chemicals... ReadLeer
/ Coronavirus and Organized Crime

Mexico City Fentanyl Seizures May Point to Shifting Trafficking Trends

Chile’s struggle to contain riotous burials for alleged gang members raises questions about why... ReadLeer
/ Chile

Chile’s Gangs Embrace Wild ‘Narco-Funerals’