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In what appears to be a show of support from Washington for Guatemala’s anti-corruption fight, US... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Is Washington Taking Corruption in Guatemala Seriously Again?

A 14-ton seizure of cocaine has exposed a trafficking network linking Colombian trafficking group... ReadLeer
/ Cocaine

Los Pachenca Seek New Sanctuary for Drug Operations at Colombia’s Tip

Salvadoran authorities recently claimed that an anti-gang campaign has led to thousands of weapons... ReadLeer
/ Arms Trafficking

El Salvador Seizing Thousands of Guns but Flow of Weapons Continues

A string of drug trafficking busts connected to Nicaragua have occurred over the past few weeks,... ReadLeer
/ Cocaine

Nicaragua Not Spared As Cocaine Flows Through Central America

The reintegration process for demobilized FARC fighters in Colombia’s Eastern Plains is under... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Demobilized Fighters in Colombia’s Meta Targeted by Ex-Farc Mafia

Six months after a sophisticated robbery where gunmen hijacked gold and silver bars being loaded... ReadLeer
/ Knights Templar

Worth Its Weight In Gold: New Unit Combats Mine Heists In Mexico

The killing of ELN commander Uriel -- a well-known figure often seen in propaganda videos and press... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

ELN Likely to Quickly Move Past Uriel’s Death in Colombia

To sell and promote their product, drug dealers in Rio de Janeiro have organized cash-prize soccer... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Drug Dealers in Brazil Accused of Bankrolling Soccer Games

The forest fires that have blazed across Paraguay in recent weeks seem to have been, in part,... ReadLeer
/ Coronavirus and Organized Crime

Paraguay Forest Fires Fueled by Increasing Marijuana Demand During Pandemic

An experiment to track poached turtle eggs through the use of synthetic eggs equipped with GPS... ReadLeer
/ Costa Rica

Fake Turtle Eggs With GPS Trackers Seek Rollout Across Latin America

There is one element that has proven vital to the operational success of international drug... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Latin America’s History of Dirty Cops, Ministers and Generals

Despite having long played down the presence of the powerful Jalisco Cartel in Mexico City, a... ReadLeer
/ Featured

Mexico City Braces for Impact from Jalisco Cartel Advance