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An ongoing gang war in Ecuador’s prisons has made 2020 the bloodiest year on record for inmates,... ReadLeer
/ Contraband

Proxy Gang Wars Fuel Record Homicides in Ecuador’s Prisons

It was a Tuesday night, January 14, 2020, after “free time” when prison authorities found his... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

PCC: A Prison from Which There Is No Escape

It was August 31, 1993, and the sun was shining when eight men entered a makeshift soccer pitch in... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

PCC Investigation: Introduction and Major Findings

The world’s biggest oil trading firm faces a large fine after a multi-country investigation... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Major Oil Trader Fined for Bribes Across Latin America

Congress has released a sweeping report on drug policy in the Americas, laying out a long list of... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Key Report Urges Ambitious Revision of US Anti-Drug Policy

The killing of an Indigenous leader in Bahia Solano, on Colombia’s Pacific Coast, adds to... ReadLeer
/ Cocaine

The Endless War to Control Northwest Colombia’s Drug Routes

A spate of recent operations targeting wildlife trafficking rings in Brazil have highlighted the... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Social Media Used to Sell Exotic Animals in Brazil

Hotels seized from accused Salvadoran drug kingpin Chepe Diablo were awarded lucrative government... ReadLeer
/ Chepe Diablo

El Salvador Overspent on Hotels Used for Coronavirus Quarantine

New details have emerged about the sophisticated criminal operations of a Red Command leader who... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Brazil’s Red Command Yet to Find Strong Foothold in Argentina

Officials in Argentina have been discussing how DNA testing may be used to curb cattle rustling and... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Argentina Turns to DNA to Fight Cattle Rustling

A number of Latin America’s leading academics, investigative journalists and security experts... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Organized Crime in 2020 – Highlights of InSight Crime’s Annual Conference

A record drug bust by Chilean armed forces showed that growing public concern about increased drug... ReadLeer
/ Chile

Record Drug Seizure Caps Off Difficult Year for Chile