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PCC graffiti inside a Brazil prison
A slew of recent reports indicates Brazil's PCC is stepping up its criminal activities in countries... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Brazil’s Biggest Gang Sets Sights on Regional Expansion

Coca eradicators in Bolivia
A new report by an advocacy group based in Bolivia details how the Andean nation's failed... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

What Can Bolivia Teach Post-Conflict Colombia About Coca Reduction?

Argentina's Ministry of Justice and Human Rights
Argentina's national government is scaling up a pilot project that provides treatment instead of... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Argentina to Expand Drug Treatment Program for Minor Crimes Nationwide

88 inmates recently escaped from Parnamirim prison
Nearly 90 alleged gang members escaped from a prison in northern Brazil, yet another illustration... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Massive Jail Break Highlights Ongoing Turmoil in Brazil’s Prisons

"La Patrona" after her arrest in El Salvador
Authorities in El Salvador arrested a fugitive crime boss who had escaped from a Guatemala prison... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Guatemala Fugitive ‘La Patrona’ Recaptured in El Salvador

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin
The US Treasury Department has assigned a little-known heroin trafficking group based in... ReadLeer
/ Heroin

Blacklisting of Mexico Heroin Trafficking Group Could Signal Changes to US Strategy

DEVIDA President Carmen Masías
The government of Peru hopes to halve the amount of coca grown in the country by 2021, an ambitious... ReadLeer
/ Coca

Can Peru’s Ambitious Eradication Goal Reduce Coca Crops?

Drug trafficking has been linked to deforestation in Central America
A new study estimates that up to 30 percent of all deforestation in three Central American... ReadLeer
/ Environmental Crime

Drug Traffickers Destroying Large Sections of CentAm Forests: Report

Costa Rica Security Minister Gustavo Mata Vega
Security officials in Costa Rica say they are incapable of stopping transnational drug traffickers... ReadLeer
/ Cocaine

Costa Rica Officials Warn of Growing Maritime Drug Trade Amid Cocaine Surge

Central American migrants
A new report by an international humanitarian organization provides fresh statistics on the dangers... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Northern Triangle Migrants: From the Frying Pan Into the Fire

An explosion caused by the illegal tapping of a pipeline in Mexico
Videos that appears to show a soldier executing a presumed oil thief at point blank range in Mexico... ReadLeer
/ Human Rights

Execution Highlights Mexico’s Inability to Combat Rampant Fuel Theft

Mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto speaks to members of the armed forces
Mexico's federal government reportedly spent 23 times more on public and national security than... ReadLeer
/ Homicides

More Money, More Problems? Mexico Security Spending Jumps Amid Rising Violence