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Not only have Rio de Janeiro’s violent militia groups dramatically expanded -- growing from just... ReadLeer
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Rio de Janeiro Militias Muscle in on Brazil Elections

Rio de Janeiro's mayor has announced new funding and a new name for a program meant to complement... ReadLeer
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Making Rio’s Pacification Work: The Limits of ‘UPP Social’

Has the UPP program led to criminal migration
Officials in the Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area are increasingly complaining that the so-called... ReadLeer
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Has Rio’s ‘Pacification’ Simply Pushed Crime to the City Limits?

Key "Narcosul" traffickers: Graphic by Extra
Considering that Brazil is the second-biggest market for cocaine in the world, relatively little is... ReadLeer
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A Closer Look at Brazil-Bound Drug Networks

Pablo Escobar was closely tied to his favorite team
Soccer has long been a unifying force in Latin America. When the World Cup begins on June 12,... ReadLeer
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10 Ways Soccer and Organized Crime Mix in Latin America

After repeated failed efforts to rout the crack trade in São Paulo, the city is implementing an... ReadLeer
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The Changing Face of São Paulo’s ‘Crackland’

In recent months, the São Paulo state government has been attempting an almost Herculean task:... ReadLeer
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Brazil’s Scramble To Fight Prison Gang Reveals Strategy’s Limitations

Symbols of the Red Command (Comando Vermelho)
A battle for control of a favela between members of the Terceiro Comando Puro and Comando Vermelho... ReadLeer
/ Amigos dos Amigos

Favela Battle Reveals Complexity of Rio’s Criminal Landscape

Pro legalization activists in Uruguay
After months of delay, Uruguay is finally on the verge of becoming the first country to regulate... ReadLeer
/ Drug Policy

The Major Hurdles for Uruguay’s Marijuana Experiment

Uruguay marijuana legalization supporters
While public opinion remains largely opposed to marijuana regulation in Uruguay, a new poll shows... ReadLeer
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Uruguay Marijuana Polls Good News for Regional Proponents

Legal marijuana may yet affect crime in Uruguay
Though it has long been one of the safest countries in Latin America, insecurity and organized... ReadLeer
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Uruguay’s Marijuana Bill and Organized Crime

Uruguay is pushing to legalize marijuana
If Uruguay's proposal to regulate the production, sale and distribution of marijuana is properly... ReadLeer
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Uruguay’s Marijuana Bill Faces Political, Economic Obstacles