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The latest designations bring the number of El Salvadoran gang members blacklisted by the United... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

US Treasury Blacklists MS13 Leaders

Jose Adan Salazar Umaña (right)
The financial records and bank accounts of Texis Cartel leader Jose Adan Salazar Umaña are full of... ReadLeer
/ Chepe Diablo

The Stalled Money Laundering Case against El Salvador’s ‘Chepe Diablo’

In the photograph, they are both smiling. In the foreground, on the left hand side, a man in a... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

The Fixer and El Salvador’s Missed Opportunity

The woman phoned the office of the antinarcotics division (DAN) in Bolivar, in El Salvador's La... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

How an El Salvador Drug Trafficker Smuggled Cocaine Into the US

The experience with Jose Natividad "Chepe" Luna -- the drug trafficker who had eluded a giant... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Operation Chameleon in El Salvador: Anatomy of a Failure

 Jose Natividad Luna Pereira, alias “Chepe Luna"
The United States -- which through its antinarcotics, judicial and police attaches was very... ReadLeer
/ Chepe Luna

‘Chepe Luna,’ the Police and the Art of Escape

Ricardo Mauricio Menesses Orellana liked horses, and the Pasaquina rodeo was a great... ReadLeer
/ Chepe Luna

The Infiltrators: Corruption in El Salvador’s Police

Police Commissioner Godofredo Miranda Martinez
In the past fortnight, two newspaper articles have sought to address impunity within El Salvador's... ReadLeer
/ Chepe Luna

Purging El Salvador’s National Police: Mission Impossible

Leonel Sandoval is suspected of ties to the Texis Cartel
Leonel Sandoval Villeda does not spend much time worrying about the Salvadoran justice system,... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Corruption, Real Estate and the Texis Cartel in El Salvador

El Salvador goalkeeper Miguel Montes
In August this year, the sports magazine El Grafico published a story that shook the country: a... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

El Salvador Soccer Scandal is a ‘Metaphor for the Country’

Captured Perrones trafficker Reynerio Flores
A UNODC report states that the Pacific Cartel, a federation formed by Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel and... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

UN Confirms Links Between El Salvador’s Perrones and Pacific Cartel

Alias "Medio Millon," arrested in May 2012
When the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on six Salvadoran leaders of the MS-13, only one... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

The Many Faces of MS-13 Arms Supplier ‘Medio Millon’