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Argentina is home to a large contraband cigarette market
Amid a shortage of cigarettes in Argentina after factory closings due to the coronavirus pandemic,... ReadLeer
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Argentina Smugglers Turn to Cigarettes in Coronavirus Lockdown

Inmates in Argentina are demanding protection from a potential Coronavirus outbreak in prisons
Fears of the coronavirus' spread within Argentina's prisons has ignited inmate protests and led... ReadLeer
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Coronavirus Turns House Arrest Into Hot Button Issue in Argentina

Argentina has imposed a mandatory quarantine to halt the spread of the Covid-19 virus
To slow the spread of the coronavirus, Argentina -- a transhipment point and growing consumer... ReadLeer
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How Has Coronavirus Shifted Argentina’s Drug Dynamics?

Authorities in Argentina are using assets seized from drug traffickers to help fight the... ReadLeer
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Argentina Puts Seized Assets to Good Use in Coronavirus Fight

43 people have been violently killed in Rosario since the start of 2020
Argentina’s inability to contain a new wave of violent murders in the strategically located city... ReadLeer
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Police Corruption Blamed as Bodies Pile Up in Rosario, Argentina

Mauricio Macri took office in Argentina in December 2015
Four years after coming to power, Argentina’s Mauricio Macri is leaving the presidential office... ReadLeer
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Macri Leaves Office in Argentina With Mixed Reviews on Crime

Containers are prime targets of crime groups
Authorities in Argentina are prosecuting 48 customs officials accused of leading an elaborate... ReadLeer
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Argentina Customs ‘Mafia’ Earns Millions From China Imports

Authorities in Argentina dismantled an organization whose leader operated from inside a prison in Rosario
Authorities in Argentina dismantled a drug trafficking organization whose leader operated from... ReadLeer
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Argentina’s Piñero Prison Becoming Increasing Organized Crime Hotspot

Members of a chinese crie organization are accused of tax fraud and money laundering in Argentina
Authorities in Argentina dismantled a ring of Chinese nationals who evaded millions of dollars in... ReadLeer
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Chinese Mafia Moving Contraband Fish Costs Argentina Millions

An Argentine former intelligence agent was detained in Mexico, accused of leading a powerful... ReadLeer
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Former Argentina Spy and Major Sex Trafficker Arrested in Mexico

Presidential candidates in Argentina debate their proposals ahead of elections on October 27
With Argentina set to vote for its next president on October 27, the ongoing campaign has given... ReadLeer
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Opposing Views on Security Battle it Out for Argentina’s Presidency

The reticence of victims to report a crime in Mexico, documented in a recent survey, has shone a... ReadLeer
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High Insecurity, Low Reporting of Crimes: Mexico’s Toxic Combo