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The use of World Cup merchandise to smuggle cocaine around the world points to a longstanding... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

How Narcos Use World Cup Mania to Smuggle Cocaine

A new law in Colombia allowing for the collective surrender of criminal groups may have little... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia Law Letting Crime Groups Surrender May Be Too Little Too Late

Colombia presidential candidates 2018
Colombia’s presidential election, scheduled for May 27, comes at a critical time in the... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

How Will Colombia’s Next President Fight Organized Crime?

The FBI is offering $20 million for the arrest of Rafael Caro Quintero
The US Federal Bureau of Investigation just added one of Mexico's most legendary gangsters, Rafael... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

FBI Names Mexico’s ‘Narco of Narcos’ to Top 10 Most Wanted List

Jesús Santrich was set to take one of the FARC's seats in congress
The arrest of Seuxis Paucis Hernández Solarte, alias “Jesús Santrich,” has shaken the FARC... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

4 Troubling Takeaways From FARC Leader’s Arrest

The bold arrest of one of the FARC’s top leaders on drug charges has shaken Colombia’s peace... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Dire Outlook for Colombia Peace Process After FARC Leader’s Arrest

Medellín, Colombia is a city of paradoxes. Its multifacted nature is showcased in a powerful new... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Medellín Exhibition Commemorates Violence, Resistance in Colombia

On the same day that Colombia’s biggest guerrilla group, the ELN, resumed peace talks with the... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia’s Last Guerrillas Fight Over Cocaine Hub

The recent arrest of an ex-FARC criminal boss who controlled swathes of drug trafficking territory... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Ex-FARC Mafia Boss Had Cocaine Network, Mexico Ties

Venezuelan authorities seized over 7 tons of copper
Recent copper seizures in Venezuela show that basic supplies continue to seep out of the country as... ReadLeer
/ Contraband

Venezuela Seizes Tons of Contraband Cable

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos at the UN General Assembly
Amid heated discord between the United States and Colombia regarding surging drug production in the... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia Holds Its Ground in Drug War of Words With US

Some parts of the Colombian countryside are seeing murders spike
While Colombia boasts its lowest homicide rate in nearly half a century, pockets of spiking... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Pockets of Rising Violence in Rural Colombia Despite National Drop in Murders